META-CONCERT TRAINING- Channeled 12/05/95

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Archivist Notes: This session took place the week after the "Mars Now and Then" session when everyone was in place that was missing then. Tia gave what was then and still is some very helpful tips for those looking to improve their astral travel skill. Omal then did an incredible job of explaining and then demonstrating meta-concerts. While one of the most powerful forms of combining a group's energies to a positive outcome, it is also the most dangerous and not to be used lightly or for anything less than the best of purposes. Lyka's finishing with memories of her duty with the Sirian Defense Force still can bring an emotional response listening to it.

TIA Mistress of Ceremonies MARK (Channel)
OMAL RUSS (Archivist)



2.)(9:28)- Karra follows up from Omal with how meta-concerts can be used for healing and then how to cleanse the crystals used afterwards.

3.)(25:59)- Kiri discusses ways of warding off attacks of negative energy from someone and the time-share of Mark's mind she has with him and Tia.

4.)(44:33)- Lyka answers a question about the horror of war she has seen in the Sirian Defense Force in 3rd dimensional help of races nearing the 6th dimension.

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(Tia starts things off as ring mistress)

John: hello.

Tia: (says hi in Durondedunn)

John: good evening.

Tia: greetings.

John: how are you doing this evening?

Tia: I'm doing fine, how are you guys doing?

John: I'm doing quite well.

Tia: hey stranger.

Ryan: hi.

Tia: hey Skip.

Skip: good evening young lady.

Tia: thank you.

Skip: how are you tonight?

Tia: I'm doing fine, I'm functioning within specified thingamabobbies.

John: thingamabobbies? Is that a technical term?

Tia: yeah, very technical, tremendously technical, it means all sorts of things. It covers a wide area, thingamabobbies.

John: and did you pick out my toy I gave you purposely?

Tia: uh-huh, uh-huh....

John: uhh why?

Tia: because it's furry.

John: you're not going to eat it are you?

Tia: now would I?

John: yes, you'll eat anything that's furry from what Mark told me. We better get serious before Omal gets mad.

Tia: yes uh-huh, we better. Okay down to business, I see we're missing the conductor.

John: ah yes, he's not feeling well. He's sleeping.

Tia: yes I know, Karra's got an eye on him at the moment. But where was I? Oh yes, astral travel. I have my notes here, nice big pile of them. Okay, now we have an astral traveler don't we?

John: uhh yes we do.

Tia: uh-huh, don't be afraid to talk, I don't bite very often. Only people that annoy me.

John: you're the astral traveler here, not me or Skip. She's referring to you.

Tia: Ryan, Ryan there.

John: and you are talking to a woman or a female.

Tia: Ryan knows who Tia is, don't you? Who I am. Okay, now astral travel, Mark tells me that you can travel about a 500 mile radius right?

Ryan: yes.

Tia: uh-huh, and that you've been experimenting with increasing your abilities correct?

Ryan: I believe so.

Tia: uh-huh okay now, do you have questions before I get down to the technical stuff?

Ryan: no.

Tia: no okay, all right now........okay let's skip that, let's go onto that. Okay now then, your breathing technique, do you do ten deep and ten shallow or do you just let yourself drift off?

Ryan: one of each.

Tia: okay so we'll work on increasing your ability and we'll give you a framework to work within that will enhance and expand your ability. Okay now the other night you were discussing with Mark if my memory is correct, because I was listening, instead of doing 500 miles, going to somewhere like the city where the Bears are? No the Cubs. The Bears, Cubs? It's a city where a football team is called the Bears?

John: talking about Chicago or Detroit.

Ryan: okay.

Tia: and......

John: go ahead speak up because we're recording this, we need this for future reference.

Ryan: okay.

John: so speak up.

Ryan: I'll try.

Tia: yeah don't be shy, don't be shy. I'm the shy one here, I used to run and hide didn't I?

Skip: uh-huh.

Tia: uh-huh, used to have a hell of a time getting me to channeling sessions with people I didn't know. I used to talk all squeaky and funny, still do from time to time. But yeah, okay Mark suggested Chicago I think. Which is about 3,000 KM correct?

Skip: 1,500 miles.

Tia: yeah that's about 3,000 I think.

John: no that be less than 3,000 KM.

Tia: well I don't know, they're your measurements.

Skip: about 1,500 miles.

John: yeah.

Tia: okay.

John: I'd say it would be more like 2,300 KM? Just off the top of my head.

Tia: uh-huh okay so that would be instead of twice as far, that would be three times as far as you would want to go and that would stretch you a little bit too much I think. Okay now what we suggest is going back to the breathing is that you do 10 deep and 10 shallow and pace them nice and gently so that you inhale a lot a lot of oxygen on the first 10 and then you exhale not as much oxygen on the 10 shallow. And then I assume that you feel your body getting lighter and lighter correct?

Ryan: yes.

Tia: okay and then you just break free and float up and head off correct?

Ryan: yes.

Tia: okay now to increase your stamina, what you might try is, do you drink coffee?

Ryan: no.

Tia: tea?

Ryan: occasionally.
Tia: occasionally, some kind of stimulant that will keep you more focused because you have sort of like a haze around the edges when you look?

Ryan: uh-huh.

Tia: uh-huh because that should sharpen it but also exercising will help to increase your stamina, not only to your physical body but to your astral body so being physically fit also helps with your astral travel. You ski right?

Ryan: yes.

Tia: right ski.

Ryan: snowboard.

Tia: oh snowboard. Oh you're one of those long hair types huh?

Ryan: not yet.

Tia: not yet but you're working on it. Okay, now with the breathing technique and the exercise, exercising......what you can do in the meantime, is put yourself into a semi-trance state. Do you know anything about yoga?

Ryan: no.

Tia: no. Okay now, there's a position that yogis recommend......and hold on whilst I sit Mark up to demonstrate.....he's wearing a knee brace, that might make things entertaining. Okay........okay so it's not going to go all the way around but normally you'd bring your leg underneath here. No it's not going to go all the way. Now what you would do is put your hands out so that they're resting on the knees right? And just feel the energy flowing into you right? And this will make you feel a little bit lightheaded like you're about to astral travel. Now what you're doing is you're charging your being with energy coming in from around you so that you go...(breaths in and out) inhale and then exhale. And then you wait a bit and then inhale again and exhale. And what this is doing is charging your astral form with energy which will increase your radius and range. It will also increase your lung capacity which means that it would help with the exercises as well. Do you have any questions at this point?

Ryan: no.

Tia: okay.

(the phone rings and the conversation has been edited out)

Tia: yes okay so by doing the breathing routines, that will help increase the energy flow within your being and charge your astral body and increase your lung capacity to your physical body. So by increasing the energy, you can actually travel a further distance. Now have you got any particular problems with astral traveling like maintaining focus?

Ryan: yeah.

Tia: okay, now what we can do to help you is if you pick an object right? Let's say the bookcase there, you see the bookcase and keeping your eyes open, what you do is without touching it you imagine all the books disappearing off of there and then you imagine whilst keeping your eyes open and looking at the bookcase with the books on it you imagine it being without books and then you imagine what you want to put on there. Let's say you want to put on little, tiny, miniature trees or little, tiny, miniature buildings. You visualize those there instead of seeing the books there and that will help you to focus mentally and how it does this is it's sharpening your mind to the perception that you have when you astral travel. Or what you can do as another helpful technique is instead of traveling a great distance right? Is traveling into the next room and putting an object, let's say a book right? And a book with a picture on the front and you go and have look at the picture and you keep concentrating on that picture and then when you come back right? You write down what you saw on the book and then you go and check and this will help you with your focus.

Ryan: okay.

Tia: okay? Any questions? Come on you must have one question. No?

Ryan: no.

Tia: hmm, okay let's proceed with the next part. Okay now when you start to travel over the 750 KM, is that correct?

Skip: uh-huh.

Tia: 500 miles.

John: close enough.

Tia: yeah close enough, who wants to argue? Yes Johnny? Nevermind....

John: I'm all done, we'll talk later.

Tia: okay, now over the 500 miles in the circle that you do, what you can do is if you have a map of the continental USA, you get one of those things with points on it and a pencil and you do a circle let's say that is 800 miles right? And you pick a town and you travel to that town. Now the first time that you do that it will be a strain. Mark suggested doubling the distance, I suggest doing it in little increments because that way instead of stretching yourself hard, you stretch yourself a little bit. And you pick a town let's say it's somewhere in Montana? And you pick the town of Missoula, is that correct? Missoula, Missoula?

Skip: Missoula.

John: Missoula Montana.

Tia: yeah that's the place. Missoula right, you pick that town and you astral travel to it. Now if my memory's correct, that is the capital of that state right?

Skip: no.

Tia: it's not?

Skip: Helena.

Tia: okay Helena will do. They're pretty close together anyway, or they look so on a map, I never been to either of them. You pick the capital right? You astral travel to the capital. Now you don't need to go off and look at pictures and stuff like Mark suggested because I have confidence in your ability. I see it in your aura that you're an astral traveler right? And you travel to it, you see what you see and you come back. Now you will be tired so if you want to take a nap you're welcome to. Also I suggest is that you keep a journal of your trips when you do the stretching trips where you increase your ability. Now how it helps you in your everyday life is it gives you much more focus on what you want to do. It gives you an objective and it affects everything else that you do that you get more of an gives you somewhere to aim for and it makes your life more focused that you can direct your energies better, it increases your concentration level, it increases your mental processing abilities so that you can think and decide much quicker. Do you have any questions now? No? Okay well I'm going to step out for a few and I'm going to put the next person in. And don't worry, I don't bite.

John: yes you do.

(Ed. note: we now have the advantage of Google Maps to see an area before traveling there)

(Omal comes on to speak)

Omal: greetings and felicitations.

Skip: good evening Omal.

John: good evening Omal.

Omal: greetings Skip, greetings Johnny and please do an introduction.

Skip: oh Johnny, do you want introduce our (unintelligible)

John: yes Omal, this is Ryan.

Omal: Ryan, it is a pleasure and acquaintance to meet you. I have been informed by Tia that you are a astral traveler.

John: yes that is correct. This man is shy but he is very strong and very talented young man.

Omal: he is also very soft-spoken, when he talked to Tia I noticed that in his voice. If you wish to go up and awake the sleeping one.

John: would you like me to do that?

Omal: if you could, I think he wishes to be here for this channeling session.

John: yes, yes, meanwhile would you encourage our young friend to speak up?

Omal: certainly.

John: and you know you always scared me but don't scare this little guy.

Omal: I scare you Johnny?

John: you have.

Omal: yes, it is like holding your brains in a tweezer.

Skip: (laughs) Omal you'd better stop that.

John: excuse me sir? I'm going to go awake our dead communicator.

Omal: okay. Now meta-concert, meta-concert is a group of minds that work together for a single purpose. It is set up in a organized form where you have an executive who focuses and fires the energy. Then you have a conductor who is the person that collects and sends the energy to the executive. Behind the conductor, you have the primary or primaries if there is more than one. He is the person that collects the energy from the secondaries and then transmits it to the conductor who in turn transmits it to the executive who uses the energy. I take it he is already awake?

John: yes sir, he's on his way down.

Omal: okay, I believe Karra was able to roust the sleeping one.

John: yes, he woke up as soon as I let him know you were here.

Omal: and finally the secondaries, they are an energy source that send the energy to the primary and from the primary so on up the line. Now each part is very important. You can do without the secondaries and primaries but the energy supply is not as strong and the conductor and the executive kind of act as both the primary and the secondary. They supply much more of their own personal energy and is therefore tiring for them. Now, as a secondary, there are sources of energy other than your own surrounding you. There is the earth energy which I believe you are fully versed on Ryan, is that correct?

Ryan: what's that now?

Omal: earth energy.

Ryan: yes.

Omal: it is the energy from all around you, from the ground, from the birds, the trees, the rocks. Sound a little bit like Yoda the hut or is that just Yoda?

Russ: just Yoda.

Omal: oh you do have a voice do you not?

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: a little creaky there but it is definitely a voice.

Russ: I'm just trying to get over something here before it catches me.

Omal: I think it has caught you, how you deal with it is up to you but back to the meta-concert. Okay, we have candles lit I note.

John: yeah I've got a candle lit.

Omal: okay if you could bring it over and place it where the executive can see it.

John: okay, is Skip going to be the executive tonight?

Omal: that's correct. Okay as our conductor is a little bit on the woozy side...

John: would you like me to fulfill that task?

Omal: that is what I was going to suggest.

John: thank you, I knew that.

Omal: okay now unfortunately, because our normal conductor is very woozy, he is not very functional as a primary either.

Russ: I'll take secondary.

Omal: okay so you have secondary, so if you could switch places with Ryan. Okay now Ryan, what we wish you to do is you will feel Russ' energy coming towards you, is to wait a few seconds and I will tell you when to release and pass it on to Johnny. Now it will come in a small fine stream and I believe you've misplaced the piece of paper have you not?

Russ: no I've got it upstairs.

Omal: don't worry about it. What we want you to do Ryan is to project at Johnny a thin stream of energy and you will project that at Johnny and Johnny will hold it until he starts himself to feel ready to release it. I will be monitoring him from here so that we will know when he is ready to release and I will tell him to do so he does not release prematurely or too late as a beginner conductor. Skip you're fully versed in what you do as an executive aren't you?

Skip: yes I am.

Omal: okay.

Skip: are we going to put it out tonight?

Omal: you want to try?

Russ: let's light it.

John: putting it out is easier then lighting it.

Skip: how about we put it out?

John: I mean Omal, should I use my crystals?

Omal: yes, if you will get the....

John: I've got them right here.

Omal: okay, if you'll give the male to Skip.

John: oh beauty. I was asking, I was wondering about that.

Omal: uh-huh. Okay now, Ryan you are now fully aware of what a meta-concert is correct?

Ryan: yes.

Omal: okay, do you have any questions on the meta-concert?

Ryan: no.

Omal: okay, now Russ, are you you're not fully coherent.

Russ: I'm there.

Omal: count from 10 down to one.

Russ: (counts down to one)

Omal: now, take a deep inhaling breath. Hmm, you do have a little bit of a headache don't you?

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: okay now inhale again. Now exhale. Okay do you have the energy crystal kicking around?

John: it's beneath your body..

Russ: no.

John: oh, oh, excuse me, I misunderstood.....

Omal: that's the healing crystal.

John: that's the healing crystal, I'm sorry. This one here, next to the wizard?

Omal: yes that's the one.

Russ: yeah that's the one.

Omal: okay we're going to use that as Russ' energy source. It is something that is not normally done and you will need to put that out on the full moon to recharge it.

Russ: okay.

Omal: okay now, Russ are you ready?

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: ready to draw the energy out of the crystal?

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: okay on my mark, five, four, three, two, one, send the energy to Ryan. Okay now stop sending the energy to Ryan. Ryan, did you feel that?

Ryan: uh-huh.

Omal: okay, now again Russ on my mark, five, four, three, two, one, send the energy to Ryan Russ. Okay on my mark Ryan, five, four, three, two, one, send the energy to Johnny. Okay on my mark Johnny, three, two, one, send the energy to Skip. Skip on my mark, three, two, one, fire..............okay Russ, power down. Ryan, power down and relax. Skip, power down, Johnny, power down. I didn't mean fall over. It's a different experience, isn't it Johnny?

John: uhh yes, I haven't been in this position before.

Omal: okay.

John: it felt good.

Omal: but very strange.

John: yes, yeah it's....I'm not accustomed to it.

Omal: okay, now we'll take a quick break whilst you gentlemen recharge and unwind. Skip you did well.

Skip: thank you.

Omal: the only one that seemed sure of himself was Skip at the moment. Russ is too wiped out.

John: and what was my problem?

Omal: lack of experience. And Ryan you did well too but I think the rigor mortis is setting in.

John: yeah these crystals are really heavy.

Skip: no they got hot.

John: oh yeah, yeah, yeah I mean.....

Russ: anyone want some tea real quick?

John: I've got the water on the grill, you've just got turn it. Yeah, you just got to turn it on, very full water.

Skip: Omal?

Omal: uh-huh?

Skip: question, why did the crystal get hot in my hand?

Omal: because there was more energy pumping through. You see, you're focusing hotter energy, you are using a manifestation energy.

Skip: my hand starts sweating.

Omal: Mark's hands do it whenever he uses crystals.

Skip: yes they do.

Omal: and this one is certainly.......(the microphone falls)

Skip: uh-huh, we got it.

Omal: okay, you need to get a better microphone stand. I believe your company has them do they not? Skip?

Skip: my company? Are you talking to me Omal?

Omal: yes I am.

Skip: no.

Omal: are you sure?

Skip: we make bearings.

Omal: I thought your other business?

Skip: oh yes, yes. Excuse me, yes you're correct.

Omal: were you not thinking of tripods earlier on?

Skip: yes, you're correct. I'm sorry, my mind was elsewhere okay?

Omal: and what is on your mind at the moment?

Skip: trying to clear it.

Omal: ahh yes, I understand, say no more.

Skip: clear it of a bunch of problems that keep lingering.

Omal: I understand that you will soon have one less problem.

Skip: maybe three less problems.

(Skip and John laugh out loud)

John: that's a good way to put that.

Skip: and just a possibility that I might acquire two more.

Omal: uh-huh.

Skip: a possibility, not......

Omal: what is better to lose three and to gain two?

Skip: yes, advantage?

Omal: certainly, it helps you spiritually as well as physically.

Skip: yes and the lady we're talking about is......

Omal: I believe I have met her once.

Skip: yes, she's a very fine person, very fine person. I have a personal problem of coping with it.

Omal: uh-huh.

Skip: but...

Omal: but it is part of your learning experience.

Skip: yeah, true enough, true enough.

Omal: remember you have to establish a karmic path for you on this planet.

(being as Skip was informed he was transiting to Earth in this lifetime from another planet for the first time)

Skip: uh-huh.

Omal: Kiri is better equipped to explain it in your terms, I would get all, what is the term, Highbrowed? n explanation and start talking in terms that only a psychiatrist would understand.

Skip: no, I'm with you all the way Omal okay? I've been doing a lot of self-education here over the last six, eight months.

Omal: yes.

Skip: and I'm learning a lot more than I knew in the past.

Omal: yes about cause and effect on a logical pathway.

Skip: uh-huh right. And like I said, I'm having a personal challenge of clearing some of the past debris okay?

Omal: I have a message for Russ from Kiri, bring out your dead, bring out your dead.

Russ: I was fine earlier, I don't know what happened.

Skip: I'm going to go use that little boys room too.

Omal: okay and then when you get back we would get ready to continue with the meta-concert and we must stop Mark's body from bruising himself.

John: Omal meanwhile.......

Omal: yes?

John: is it appropriate to ask a question?

Omal: certainly.

John:'s personal but doesn't involve me directly.

Omal: okay.

John: but it involves me indirectly..........

Omal: okay.

John: because it involves a very close friend of mine. Is it a good move on both of their behalfs?

Omal: I cannot interfere due to the fact that personal nature, personal questions and interference are very frowned upon. If I say one thing and it turns out to be the opposite, then I'm causing a problem. An example of this is a lady that was or is supposedly a psychic and she advised a lady to get rid of her husband because he was not going to live very long. This was not the case and so therefore it was ill-advised and caused a lot of problems in the relationship. And we are not exactly forbidden, common sense is used in our discretion but it is advised most the time not to say, "do this or do that or this is right or that is right." Okay gentlemen, are you nice and relaxed?

John: yes, we're ready.

Omal: Ryan are you relaxed?

Ryan: uh-huh.

Omal: are you alive down there?

Russ: oh yeah, I'm fine.

Omal: are you sure? You do not need a wooden box with a lid? About 6 1/2 feet long?

Skip: no not tonight.

Omal: okay, when you're ready Russ.

Russ: okay.

Omal: okay right, on my mark. Five, four, three, two, one, send the energy to Ryan Russ. Five.......on my mark Ryan, five, four, three, two, one, send the energy to Johnny. Johnny on my mark, three, two, one, send the energy to Skip. Skip on my mark, three, two, one, fire..............okay Russ, on my mark, three, two, one, disengage. Ryan, on my mark, three, two, one, disengage. Skip on my mark, three, two, one, cease-fire, Johnny relax.

Skip: we had it going.

Omal: certainly.

John: yeah, it was much more focused this time.

Omal: uh-huh, that will come with practice. A little bit dizzy are we not? I wanted to see with my own eyes.

John: yeah, I feel a little lightheaded.

Omal: uh-huh.

John: and the beam was definitely more concentrated.

Omal: yes more tighter.

John: yes.

Skip: Omal I done something this time I've never done before, I concentrated from the primary all the way through to it okay?

Omal: okay that is good, that is your own little innovation. Sorry, I was going to.....yes I will show off. Show you what one mind can do on its own. (focuses his will on the candle) ...............well?

(amazed laughter)

Omal: you have to remember that I have had many thousands of years of practice.

Skip: yeah. I got a lot of that overflow too.

Omal: that is something that the conductor has to learn to regulate is the flow of energy.

Skip: yeah I got some of that overflow.

John: yeah well I'm kind of being overwhelmed here.

Skip: yeah right.

Omal: okay....

John: Omal, can I interject here without interrupting you or being rude?

Omal: you wish to know about controlling the energy flow correct?

John: well also I was going to ask about, to do this meta-concert correctly, we do need this kind energy here that Ryan and Skip install in this meta-concert.

Omal: correct. There is quite a number of important factors that is necessary for the group to work with that the energies must dovetail together and you make a very good primary Ryan. You have plenty of energy that is focused and very well handled. You have a lot of potential. Russ on the other hand.

Skip: he ain't feeling too swift.

Omal: Russ, can you do me a tremendous favor?

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: okay, visualize a penny, now manifest.

Russ: (groans)

Omal: do you not remember those Johnny? Those lessons on manifesting pennies?

John: yeah.

Omal: uh-huh, it is still going for Russ.

Russ: uh-huh. (groans again)

Omal: leave it, I was joking. You are in no fit state to manifest.

Russ: we'll have Amber and Dave here next week.

Omal: good, I believe we also have to work on David's healing.

Russ: yes, he needs our help.

Omal: yes we will set that up with your charming, mischievous wife. (Karra)

Russ: sounds good to me.

Skip: I'm cooling down now, I was soaking wet there for a minute. I grabbed a hold of a young lady one day to get rid of her headache, in 30 seconds my shirt was soaking wet, she had that much energy.

Omal: do you have a question Russ?
Russ: I did and I don't, I don't know where it went.

Omal: Ryan, any question that you wish. You surely must have at least one question.

Russ: ask him about the thing with the drums. Yeah, the snakes and all that. I can't answer it, I'm sure he could.

Ryan: is it....

Russ: no, he's a perfect person to ask.

Omal: actually I was about to suggest Kiri as Kiri's closeness with her grandmother would be much more useful in this circumstance.

Russ: oh okay.

Omal: Johnny do you have a question?

John: yes, how do I control and focus my energy as......?

Omal: ah yes, as a conductor.

John: yes, exactly.

Omal: yes we were going to discuss that were we not?

John: yes, it's very important to me.

Omal: okay yes because one of the things as a conductor is, if Skip got overwhelmed with the energy and stopped sending out the energy to the flame, you would get what is known as a flashback and your function is to stop the flashback from taking out the rest of the concert, hence the name conductor and the term meta-concert. So unfortunately, the conductor has a very dangerous role that if something goes wrong, it's his job to stop the flashback from taking out the meta-concert.

John: okay now with my ignorance or just lack of knowledge on the whole subject, I assumed that I should put out as much energy as possible and Skip being the executor, would be able to handle and control and focus whatever I throw at him.

Omal: no not exactly, I should have elaborated on the conductor role a little bit. What you do is that you hold the energy and let it out in a steady stream. A little bit larger than the diagram that was drawn last week but not in a huge amount like a river crashing on a beach of some kind. It has to be controlled in a steady stream but you needn't worry tonight that we would've inserted ourselves into the meta-concert and that would've saved the whole entire meta-concert and everybody from any energy flashbacks. We would've used the energy to probably extinguish the candle.

John: well naturally I wouldn't want do anything to injure or interfere with our knowledge here because all of us, obviously the reason why we're here is because we seek knowledge.

Omal: correct. Now the best way to describe the conductor is like a fuse in an electrical circuit is you have Skip as the lights and Ryan and Russ as the battery pack. And somewhere in between the energy runs which is the wire I believe you would call it.

John: yes.

Omal: and you're the fuse. Now what happens if the battery sends out too much energy?

John: well the fuse will blow.

Omal: or if there is an energy flashback from the light?

Skip: it'd still blow.

Omal: correct, the fuse blows whichever way and your job is to regulate the energy flow so that the light doesn't burn too brightly and that the battery doesn't get drained too much. What we're planning to do is to work up the stamina so that you will have plenty of stamina and we will rotate the primaries and the secondaries and the conductor. We may occasionally try a different executive to see how it works because if everybody has experience in every other person's role, then if necessary let us say we need a healer to have lots of energy from a meta-concert, Russ would be the perfect........

(laughter all around)

Omal: Russ that penny please, we'll have to do this scientifically. Umm yes okay, actually it does leave us with a bit of a problem but it would be well-trainable. Now on the other hand if you were needing somebody to go in as a, what would be the word?




(Omal continues his discussion on meta-concerts)

Omal: a meta-concert does not work with astral travel but there are exceptions where an individual needs a lot of energy to go to a particular location and you would use a meta-concert to charge that individual by setting up a primary, executive, conductor and secondary. Not necessarily in that order, you would set them up to fire a beam of energy off into space in the direction that the astral traveler would be heading. Let us say Washington DC, you want to check up on the gentleman who is running your country and the astral traveler let us say is Ryan that does not have the range. Now how do you increase somebody's range just for that one trip? You would fire a laser-like beam in the general direction and what Ryan would do would be to ride the energy beam and that would increase his range quite considerably and so therefore he would be able to get there and to get back with the energy that he'd been charged with but it would not be a permanent growth. He may increase his ability by 50% to 100% but it would not be a phenomenal growth of 400% as it would be from here to there. So that is the only time that you would use a meta-concert for an astral traveler. Let us say you had somebody that had psychokinesis that could move objects or somebody that can pick objects up. You would stick them as the executive at that point because they are the one that would be using their mind to lift up objects. If you had a manifestor which I believe Skip has a little bit of manifestation, he would be be stuck as the executive. However, you do not need to have a lot of ability to be the executive, what you have to have is a lot of focusing ability. So anybody, even somebody that has very limited psychic abilities could be used as an executive. Your young lady, your ex-young lady with the drink problem. She would make a very good executive because she can focus for long enough I believe on one thing. Is that correct, she can focus?

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: okay.

Russ: how about for shielding Omal, I mean what would you focus on if you're the executive and creating like a shield around a house let's say?

Omal: you would visualize it as a shield, a bubble surrounding the building. Now we will get on to shielding as I believe somebody is having problems with their shielding. Is that correct?

John: well not really problems but some questions.

Omal: in a minute Johnny. Okay, now what is your current problem?

Ryan: with the shielding?

Omal: yes.

Ryan: when it goes......when it goes down sometimes?

Omal: uh-huh.

Ryan: and it turns into something else.

Omal: yes, okay so you're having difficulty focusing with your shielding. Okay, do you have a pen and paper that you have access to?

Russ: here's a pen.

Omal: not right now, not right now. What I'm suggesting is that you draw your shields, how you see them. Draw a picture and every so often look at the picture and remind yourself that that's what they look like because you cannot see them physically most of the time, maybe when you astral travel you see them. Okay now also what you can do is, this goes very nicely with Tia's breathing routine, this will help you to charge your being as she said. You can also use the energy to strengthen your shielding. I believe it is not time now to get into stacked shielding, it is necessary to learn the basic principles of shielding and practice them. If you wish we can demonstrate penetration of shields so that you have a feeling where you can strengthen your shields from. Do you wish us to do that?

Ryan: strengthen my shields?

Omal:  yes so that we can probe them and see where the weak points are.

Ryan: okay.

Omal: or would it be better at another time? Yes, I think it would be better at another time. Okay that will be put on our agenda is shielding work. It is a long time since we've done that, isn't it Russ?

Russ: too long.

Omal: yes. Okay, Johnny, your question.

John: well, you answered part of my question with what you were telling Ryan.

Omal: uh-huh.

John: and I'm still working on my shielding and manifesting it completely.

Omal: okay I suggest that when you are within the pyramid....

(one with a seven foot base in the room)

Omal: is to take a brief period of time and to use Tia's method of charging your being with energy. This will help quite a bit.

John: okay.

Omal: Skip?

Skip: yes, I don't seem to have a problem with my shields, once I was informed that I was siphoning off other people's energy unconsciously......

Omal: uh-huh.

Skip: I was shown and taught how to build a shield, it has stayed there more or less.

Omal: well that comes from past experiences where they were more commonly used then on an earthbound existence.

Skip: oh okay, that's why it stayed where it belongs.

Omal: yes.

Skip: and I don't seem to have any problem with it, it just stays there.

Omal: that is correct, coming from a place where shielding, mental shielding was used frequently as well as actual physical shielding, you have a deeper subconscious grasp of shielding then probably everybody in the room including Mark put together. A much greater understanding. Maybe you are the one that is needed to teach shielding more often.

Skip: well it's possible.

John: Omal, would be beneficial for me to discuss shielding and building techniques with Skip?

Omal: certainly, certainly, it would be very beneficial for all of you including Mark to sit and listen to Skip explain about shielding as long as he can keep in contact with his subconscious for a few. But maybe that would better at a later time as I believe you have to work tomorrow correct?

Skip: that's correct.

Omal: yes okay, now to get everybody in, I must depart.

Skip: okay, good night.

John: thank you Omal. Sorry for your extra time tonight, we appreciate it.

Skip: yes.

John: see you next week.

Omal: yes I shall be here. Live long, prosper, I'll be back.

(Tia returns once more)

John: that was a good one eh?

Skip: see the difference there?

John: oh yeah, uh-huh.

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Skip: hey there she is.

Tia: yo, I'm here, I'm here, I'm here.

Skip: okay.

John: want a cup of tea?

Tia: oh that would be delightful but I think that Kiri who will be on second from last would appreciate it more.

John: oh so you don't want no tea?

Tia: I would dearly love a cup of tea. When you get up here, I'll make you a cup of tea. You like gunpowder tea?

John: I would love to try some gunpowder tea.

Tia: okay. And Ryan, when you make it up here, I'll make you, that's an interesting treat that you like, Coca-Cola?

Ryan: (chuckles)

Tia: that's interesting, what is that?

Skip: it's a soft, like what we call a soft drink, carbonated....

Tia: oh.

Skip: with the.....

Tia: it has bubbles in it and it's brown in color.

John: yeah and it's caffeine and sugar and water.

Skip: originally it had cocoa leaves in it.

Tia: cocoa leaves? They're addictive.

Skip: I know.

John: yeah, yeah.

Skip: yes they are.

John: yes but so is caffeine, so is nicotine.

Tia: bad, bad, bad, bad.

John: well that's the way Coca-Cola was originally designed and since that time the....

Tia: ahhh......coca.....ohhh...

Skip: Coca-Cola. That's where they got their name.

Tia: okay I'm going to put on the next person.

Skip: okay go ahead honey.

(Karra comes on to take questions)

Karra: hello, greetings.

Skip: good evening.

Karra: and how are you doing?

Skip: just great, how about you?

Karra: I'm doing fine thank you. And you young man, I believe your name is Ryan correct?

Ryan: yes.

Karra: I'm Karra, I'm a healer so you'll have to excuse me if I sound soft-spoken and I get carried away communicating with the other healers present. It is a little bit like, how you would say a union?

Skip: darling I got a question to ask you.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: I have evidently progressed in my healing ability to the point that I don't have to ground myself out anymore.

Karra: that happens that it peaked out into your shielding and your shielding is used like....I'm trying to think of an engineering term and Kiri is busy talking so she can't help me. It is....

Skip: am I grounded through my shield?

Karra: yes it's like some kind of...

Skip: conductor.

Karra: exhaust pipe type thing.

Skip: I see, a ground conductor.

Karra: yes.

Skip: okay.

Karra: your shields bleed the energy out.

Skip: oh, all right, fine. Well that's great.

Karra: why is there a hotspot appearing on Mark's foot?

Skip: that's great, well evidently I've progressed to that point.

Karra: well that is good.

Skip: because it used to be when I affected a healing on somebody else, I would either get sick or get upset or whatever.

Karra: yes you would suffer their symptoms.

Skip: yeah I....

Karra: I've a question, there was a hotspot that developed on Mark's foot, what happened?

Russ: probably near the heater? Can't be because it isn't on yet.

Skip yeah.

Karra: oh well never mind.

Russ: hey love, when I was talking to Ryan, I seemed to see him through kind of a bright glow. Was that actually seeing my shields then at that point?

Karra: yes.

Russ: what happened? Subconsciously kicked in?

Karra: yes subconsciously kicked in. It is something that needs to be discussed between you and Ryan. It is something that is not best discussed at this time with a group of people. It is between you two.

Russ: oh.

Karra: and I think Ryan knows knows what happened.

Russ: oh good, he can tell me all about it.

Karra: yes but after the channeling session in private.

Skip: yeah. But anyhow, that amazed me that I don't pick up that.

Karra: that is because your filter system, it is grounding out and Kiri's still talking, she can't come in. But anyway, it is....

Skip: does that mean that my ability's getting sharper?

Karra: yes it will. It is the first step to enhancing your ability that you will be able to speed up the healing process on people quite quickly.

Skip: good because I got a lady that I want to speed up the healing process on. A friend of mine, a very good friend.

Karra: yes it's sometimes, that is an incentive.

Skip: yes.

Karra: yes you leak thoughts very interesting.

Skip: it's nice talking to you again.

Karra: thank you, yes it is nice talking to you too. We didn't get to talk last time much did we but...

Skip: no and I had to rush off the time before that.

Karra: yes, yes.

Skip: and we just didn't get any conversation in it all.

Karra: now Tia has been discussing about organizing a psychic party.

Skip: a psychic party?

Karra: yeah, a sidekick party. Sorry, play on words there. A psychic party.

Skip: now I got....

John: is that with Omal's permission? Excuse me?

Karra: yes we have full, full sanction.

Skip: oh okay all right.

John: okay, that's one thing that confused me right away. Because.....

Skip: didn't Omal say something about said that I had another ability and it slipped right on past me.

Karra: hold on, I will ask him.

Russ: manifestation.

Skip: huh?

Russ: manifestation.

Skip: manifestation?

Karra: yes manifestation.

Russ: that's creating things.....

Skip: yeah, yeah I know the term, I just....I've never pursued it okay?

Russ: it's probably latent and you haven't got it to operant status yet.

Skip: I've never pursued it.

Karra: well having the ability there does help with the meta-concert yes and as a healer I can't help you to tap into it. A coercer could.

Russ: well I could.

Karra: Russ could, he's got coercive ability.

Russ: well I've got manifestation too.

John: how about Mark?

Karra: Mark could as well, he's a coercer that outshines all four of you with your abilities I understand. Tia informs me that he coerced you the other night Ryan.

Ryan: that what?

Karra: that Mark coerced you with a cup of tea. You didn't want one but you decided that you were going to have one anyway.

Ryan: yes.

Karra: yes that was Mark using his coercive ability. He thought, Tia says he thought that it would make you more relaxed.

Ryan: yes it did.

Karra: okay, healing questions.

Skip: am I hit my limit of healing ability?

Karra: no, no, you never hit your limit, you do not have a limit. The only thing that limits you is yourself.

Skip: because it's getting better and better.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: and it's stronger.

John: as far as using the copper for the arthritis and stuff, I've used my copper bracelet since our last discussion on it and I found out that Skip manufactures or is able to manufacture these.....

Karra: uh-huh.

John: and I believe they would be tools for the meta-concert.

Karra:'d have to discuss that with the meta-concert organizer Omal. For healing certainly, for a healing meta-concert certainly. With a group of healers together and a....

John: do you understand that our meta-concert is composed of I think we've got more healers or I don't know if we're out of balance? Or if I'm confused on it. Can you clarify that for me?

Karra: certainly healing energy is good for healing, that goes without saying but when it comes to a meta-concert, energy, whether it is healing energy, manifestation energy, psychokinesis energy, coercive energy, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because the person that is the executive is the person focusing the energy and using it. He is the one that transforms it from coercive, whatever form of energy into what he's focusing on. If he's focusing it on healing, then certainly it enhances the healing because he doesn't have to change it and it is done when he focuses it, it changes automatically. If you had a group of coercer's together, and they were trying to manifest something, it would be exactly the same as having a group of manifestors apart from the wattage would be turned down just a tad

Skip: okay, okay. I gotcha.

John: yeah, thank you for clarifying that. I was a little bit confused on that and you did understand my question?

Karra: I just relayed it to Omal and Omal relayed it straight back to me.

John: okay, thank you, thank you for clarifying that.

Karra: you're welcome. That is one of the advantages of having a telepathic link with people.

Russ: hey Karra, how are we going to deal with David's knee next week?

Karra: okay what we will do is we will use the heat technique. The hands heat and we will heat it the same way as we started off working on Mark's knee and Carrie's melanoma by using the heat. And then we will assess the situation when we finish using the heat and we will need a bowl of water to rinse Mark's hands in because we have to be very careful because when working on a knee that is damaged with his knees, oh woe is me. He will be suffering.

John: to keep things simpler since I do, I'd like to make sure the channeling sessions are set up correctly.

Karra: uh-huh.

John: what media of bowl, glass, metal or wood?

Karra: glass. You have a wood bowl?

John: well I'm asking what is correct, what is the most beneficial?

Karra: do you have a wood bowl?

John: I don't think so. I know we've got glass and metal.

Karra: glass will do.

Skip: do you need a wood bowl?

John: would wood work better? That is part of my question.

Karra: that is why I said, do you have a wood bowl?

Skip: I've got several of them at home.

Russ: ahhh wonderful.

Skip: I'll bring one up or send one up.

Karra: okay.

John: and how about a stone bowl? Would that work?

Karra: it depends on what type of healing is being done.

Skip: yeah, the stone has to be the stone for what you are using it for.

Karra: yes that's correct. If you are using, I believe you have a, yes you do have a granite stone one don't you?

Skip: yes we do.

Karra: yes and Johnny has a granite one as well. Is that correct?

John: yes.

Karra: okay yeah, Tia's been nosing around.

John: yeah she's nosy.

Karra: yes we know she's nosy. She has a big one too.

Skip: be nice.

Karra: she doesn't have a big nose, it's a very fine, dainty, little nose, a little turned up at the tip. She's looking at me with smoldering eyes.

Russ: you've been watching the "Life of Brian" there darling?

Karra: watch it big nose.

(everyone laughs)

Karra: of course I watched the "Life of Brian" with you. Okay now, a granite bowl as you bring that up and Tia is talking about granite bowls, is you would use that when you are dealing with not so much bone ailments but ailments of the internal organs. Let's say you have some liver problem by whatever cause. You would use, you would put the crystal in the water, this is a little bit different and I'll explain why. By placing the crystal and the water in a granite bowl, you're infusing the energy from the tiny, little crystals in the granite into the water and that in turn helps to keep the crystal nice and cleansed. What you would do is you would place the healing crystal, let us say it is the big one underneath here, into the granite bowl immersed totally in water, I don't believe yours is big enough to immerse is it? Tia is checking pictures.

John: no mine's not big enough to immerse the healing crystal that we're using.

Karra: okay let us say were using the laser scalpel okay? That one would be fine.

John: would that be the scalpel that you used on Oddball on the feline for the healing?

(one of the house cats)

Karra: yes, that is correct, yes. Okay you immerse that one in a bowl, in the granite bowl right? And the energy would be sucked into the crystal to use as an energy source. Now you would use it until it started to feel as if it was running out of power. You would then place back into the water, then you would take it out after about 10 minutes and you would dry it with a cotton, not a mixture of things, just pure cotton. You would dry it with a cotton cloth and you would then continue with the healing process until it started to run out of energy again. Normally it doesn't go to a second charging in the water. Occasionally, very occasionally with serious forms of liver damage such as cirrhosis and that is the advanced stages of cirrhosis and it would only work as a delaying action at that point. But you would probably go as high as four or even five charges in the granite water. Now a glass bowl of the other hand, just is a retaining device for the water so it doesn't slop all over the floor. And that is used basically so that the light and the energy around can penetrate with no problem at all because the granite acts as a shield as well from other types of energy.

John: and how about using a conventional stainless steel bowl which is readily available in this dimension?

Karra: that is all right if you're using sterilizing agents in the steel bowls.

John: but as far as healing, you would not recommend it, am I correct?

Karra: no I wouldn't. I mean it is okay for rinsing your hands in and drying them but for actually immersing a crystal in there, no. If you're using the hand methods of healing, putting your hands on somebody and warming them up, it doesn't matter what type of vessel you use to hold the water in. Whether it's glass, stainless steel, silver, gold, copper, bronze, brass, it doesn't matter. Yes?

John: well I'm wondering why the copper wouldn't work with.......since wearing copper on your body and it interacts...

Karra:  ahh I see, I understand, I understand. When you put your hands in the water, you're washing off the negative energy that you picked up.

John: correct.

Karra: it doesn't matter with copper. Copper you would use that on a bone and illness such as arthritis, helping to speed up a broken bone and so on.

John: okay now we'll discuss this more, thank you for your consideration on my question.

Karra: yes, okay you're welcome. Ryan, you don't have any healing questions do you?

Ryan: not at the moment.

Karra: okay, oh you do have a voice. You surprised me, everybody was saying that you've been very quiet. I'm glad you proved them wrong. We'll talk about things later dear.

Russ: okay.

Karra: yes I think Omal's guess was correct. Okay, I will depart and I will put on the boisterous hooligan one. Goodbye everybody.

John: goodbye, thank you. See you next week

Skip: have a nice evening.

(Kiri is the next speaker for the evening)

Skip: yeah and your cup of tea is here too.

Kiri: yo dude.

(everyone laughs)

Skip: right there darling.

Kiri: yo.

Skip: right there.

Kiri: awesome. You dropped some on Mark's foot didn't you when you walked by?

John: ahh yeah I did....

Kiri: that's what the hot spot was.

John: that's what hot spot was.

Kiri: I knew it.

John: I knew what it was, I overheard Mark or someone.....

Kiri: Karra.

John: Karra yeah saying something about it.

Kiri: I better not play with that too much, otherwise she'll scratch me.

John: yes.

Kiri: okay.

John: oh oh, you look serious tonight.

Kiri: no, I'm from Hades actually but Sirius is my home planet yes.

Skip: are you versed in manifestation?

Kiri: no I'm not.

Skip: okay, that's all I needed to know.

Kiri: uh-huh, I'm a coercer and I have a very tiny amount of astral travel.

Skip: okay.

Kiri: and you make me look....I make you look like you're a master class astral traveler with my astral travel ability. I'm lucky if I can get up to the surface from here. I'm lucky if I could astral travel down to the other end your town, that's how poor my astral travel is. But, you have a question concerning drums I hear.

Ryan: yes.

Kiri: okay, now what exactly is happening?

Ryan: I believe there is something like a spell or something put on me.

Kiri: okay and you need somebody to remove that spell correct? Do you know who cast the spell?

Ryan: I believe it's Dick.

Kiri: you don't want the spell to be passed on to him, you want it to go back to the person that is casting the spell correct?

Ryan: uh-huh.

Kiri: okay.

Ryan: it shouldn't come around me.

Kiri: that's right, it should get sent back from where it came. Now to protect yourself against it, shielding certainly, that helps okay but also what helps is a little mantra, "I am the light, there is no other light." Can you remember that?

Ryan: yes.

Kiri: okay you are the light, or I am the light, there is no other light. And what this does is it makes you very bright with energy. And if it's a negative charge that's being sent at you, which in this case it sounds like it is, it just gets burned up and is dropped dead. As soon as you hear the drums and the snakes or whatever, you go, "I am the light, there is no other light, I am the light, there is no other light." And you feel yourself getting pumped up with energy and it will fade away and go, "bye-bye". It won't go away straightaway, it will slowly fade away. Do you have any protections, any talismans?

Ryan: no.

Kiri: no okay, do you have a candle handy for you?

Ryan: a what?

Kiri: a candle.

Ryan: yeah.

Kiri: okay what you can do is when the drums start, is you can light up the candle and hold it in your hands right? And then this will help you to focus is repeat the mantra, "I am the light, there is no other light". And you will feel the energy from the candle coming into you and you will be bright like the candle. Now if you get really good at it, you will be able to actually make the room glow with your energy. And when that happens right? It is like putting a mirror up and that will reflect the negative energy back. Now as for who could be attacking you, what reason does this person called Dick have to attack you on a spiritual level?

Ryan: I don't know, I really don't know.

Kiri: hmmm okay, so we'll put a question mark over him. Is there anybody else that might attack you?

Ryan: Cat.

Kiri: who's Cat?

Ryan: this girl.

Kiri: do you know if she's into dabbling with spirits and so on?

Ryan: not too positive.

Kiri: would there be any way of finding out?

Ryan: I don't know.

Kiri: that might be worth looking into. Why is she called Cat?

Ryan: I don't know.

Kiri: because knowing a little bit about your society and culture, cats are normally associated with spiritualism, magic and so on correct?

Ryan: uh-huh.

Kiri: so that leaves me to suspect that she might be into spiritualism of some kind. Whether it is good or bad is indeterminable at this time. Okay now, from a religious point of view on this, the mantra, yes that will help. Could you get of ahold of holy water?

Skip: Catholic Church?

Russ: yep.

Kiri: yeah that would work. Holy water might help, in fact it should help. If you were to have a little vial of it on a pendant and let let's say let Dick see it right? Just sort of like you know, it would be hanging there one day as a pendant and say if he asks you why you have it, you go, "oh it's holy water, I'm you know studying certain religious procedures". And that will make him go on the defensive which will hopefully if it is Dick, back off. There are other natural elements that help. Certain types of salt, I don't know what the English word is for the type of salt that I would use.

John: rock salt? You recognize it?

Kiri: that's earth salt?

John: yes rock salt, sea salt.

Kiri: I think that a combination would might work better because that way you're dealing with both earth energy and water energy.

John: they're both readily available for us.

Kiri: yeah, that would be about a 50-50 combination. I know Mark uses earth salt for various things. I know he uses it for various parts of his life. Sea salt is Russ' domain if he hasn't fallen asleep there.

Russ: oh no I'm wide awake.

Kiri: why were your eyes closed?

John: I'm partial to sea salt myself.

Russ: they're not.

Kiri: they were just now.

Russ: they were not.

Kiri: yes they were.

Russ: your eyes are practically closed compared to mine.

(chuckles all around)

Kiri: Skip, were his eyes closed?

Russ: should I go back over the conversation you've been talking about with you?

Kiri: okay.

Russ: Mark you say uses some kind of earth salt, I believe it's either rock, or no, Johnny says would you mean rock salt? And you said I believe..and then he said sea salt also and you said yes a combination of those two would be good, maybe 50-50.

Kiri: who does he think he is, Data?


Russ: I'm following along.

Kiri: okay good. Okay now where was I? Oh yes, okay talismans. Certainly the holy water, the earth salt and the water salt, good combination and the mantra. Now these three things combined together will not only give you something to focus on for your shielding, but will also produce a deterrent for people to use negative energies at you.

Russ: darling I have a quick suggestion, when I used to study a bit of the arts a long time ago.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: one of the ways of protecting your room against unwanted energies and influences was you would put some sea salt or rock salt into some water in a bowl.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: it doesn't matter what kind it is but I assume glass would probably be your better bet.

Kiri: yes glass I believe would work.

Russ: and you would dissolve it so that it was a heavy, salty water kind of thing.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: and then you would sprinkle that around the room in a clockwise direction.

Kiri: well holy water works just as well.

Russ: yeah but you can't get enough of it to sprinkle all the way around your room.

Kiri: no true, true. However.......

Russ: what I was saying is, you go ahead and use this and you sprinkle it all around your room just.....

Kiri: well there's actually an easier way is you'd use a spray thingy, one of those spray things that you have around your house.

Russ: yeah they're in the toys, I suppose we can go that route.

Kiri: yes, it be.....

Russ: now back when I was doing this, we are more into the old-style, we didn't get into fancy plastics and stuff.

Kiri: yes, well you've got to remember that I'm not used to earth ceremonies, I am from Sirius. And let me quickly think a second here, you'll have to excuse the sound of whirring. That's me activating Mark's mind whilst I rummage around for stuff that I stored here. You're supposed to laugh.

John: yeah well I can hear the clanking going on, I was listening to the clanking going on in Mark's tiny brain.

Russ: I'm waiting for the penguins.

Kiri: I haven't come across those yet. Okay, stored away here, I have some information that I stored. We have timeshare you see the three of us, Tia, Mark and myself, we have timeshare. It's a lot of fun you know, get to mosey around in there and find suitcases full of penguins and all sorts of things. Okay now, back in the days before Tonar the Evil, (from the Sirian Chronicles) way back and these are only fragments. It's like your legends of Greek, Greece.

Skip: mythology.

Kiri: yeah like mythology. Now it is said, that what was used was black crystals right? Which I think means coal and that was ground-up and that was turned into a powder. Now that was used as the attacking substance.

John: yeah gunpowder.

Kiri: no, no, no, no, no, not....

Skip: no there's two more chemicals.

Kiri: not, not as an explosive.

John: yeah, saltpeter and sulfur.

Kiri: no it wasn't an explosive.

Skip: potassium sulfate.

John: yeah potassium sulfate excuse me.

Kiri: when you two have finished.

Skip: sorry about that.

Kiri: it was not an explosive.

John: well excuse me for my misunderstanding.

Kiri: okay, it was used as an attack substance on a spiritual level being black and dark and coming from deep within the ground it was perceived as evil and it would be blown at the person. Now the defense against it was a cleansing with high mountain water from a sacred pool which I was suppose would be like your holy water. The symptoms from the black powder that's not explosive but does burn, was that the person, their lungs would get clogged and they would slowly fill up with fluid and I think that the medical term would be........hold on a second whilst ask my big sister whose a know all......emphysema. And it would clog up the lungs and the person would basically drown in their own lungs and it was all done frequently when the person slept and it was considered magic. Okay now a good magic that was used was the spring from a high mountain holy place. Which is too far away for me to get to when I go home. So I can't get any to bring here to send down to you guys as much as I'd like to.

Skip: we're sitting on a holy, high mountain.

John: yeah I was going to say, we can obtain our own..

Skip: high mountain spring....

John: high mountain holy water right here, it's all around us.

Kiri: oh Indians of course.

Skip: yes.

Kiri: of course.

Skip: Lake Tahoe is a sacred.

John: this is a very sacred area and we have much holy water in the high country.

Kiri: just over there right?

Skip: yeah.

Kiri: there's a big puddle full of it.

Skip: yeah about 26 miles across.

Kiri: oh of course but it's not a spring but it will do, it will do.

John: there's some other places that surround this larger body of water that are smaller and just as holy.

Kiri: okay this will help you Ryan, this will help you.

Skip: but this is a sacred lake.

Kiri: it's a sacred you use Indian magic? Or know anything about Indian magic?

John: I don't like that term Indian, I use Native American.

Kiri: Native American sorry.

John: and I'd prefer you...

Kiri: yes you had that argument was Tia last time.

John: yes.

Kiri: Ryan.

John: Native American.

Kiri: do you believe in Native American magic?

Skip: yes.

John: yes, very strongly.

Kiri: since when are you guys been named Ryan huh? Ryan, do you use Native Indian magic?

Ryan: why are you guys laughing?

Kiri: because they keep on interrupting and I said your name twice and they've interrupted both times.

Skip: sorry about that.

John: I apologize.

Kiri: thank you.

Ryan: yes.

Kiri: you do, okay. You need holy, Native American water right? And what I suggest is that you get a bucket, you go down to the lake because it's classified as holy water to the Native Americans and bring it back to your shower, stand in the shower and dump it all of you. That will cleanse you, it'll be cold but it will be worth it because it will cleanse all the negative energy that you've picked up. And that will purify your body so that you will be pure so that the attacking party will have a much greater time causing you any harm. You may hear the drums, you may hear the snakes but they can't touch you now once to do that. And thank you for your help with pointing out where there is a holy place.

Skip: that's quite all right.

Kiri: uh-huh, it's very similar to a Sirian ceremony.

Skip: uh-huh.

Kiri: and that will help you tremendously. Is it all right to go and collect buckets of water from the holy place?

Skip: yes, yes, yes. It's permissible because we drink it.

Kiri: oh okay, you drink it?

Skip: it's plumbed into our water system.

Kiri: you're kidding.

Skip: no.

Kiri: take a cold shower, just a quick one? That would make it easier still.

Skip: no wait a minute, wait a minute.

Kiri: does it come through copper or lead?

Skip: it comes from the lake but it's also running through a purification...

Kiri: no that won't work.

Skip: system and it's got chlorine added to it.

Kiri: definitely won't work.

Skip: and fluoride so........

Kiri: definitely won't work, artificial additives.

Skip: don't do that, just get it straight from the lake.

Kiri: yeah that will work, that will purify your body and you will be cleansed of any negative energy that is clinging to you and it will create a flow into your aura being a holy water, it will leak into your aura as I said and it will strengthen it and it will help your shielding. Because you're being attacked by a negative force, you're using a positive energy that is a very strong, powerful energy.

Skip: sweetheart, I'm going to have to head down the hill.

Kiri: yeah I'm an have to put on the second, I'll have to put on the ring mistress as we've got to put another person on. But if you want to pause the tape whilst we wish you ado?

Skip: yeah, I've got to head down the hill.

Kiri: ado, ado.

Skip: 5 AM comes awful early.

Kiri: 5 AM, what's that?

Skip: that's time in our......

Kiri: oh time, earth time.

Skip: in our dimension yeah.

Kiri: earth time. That's the time I get up as well you know? I run 5 miles, go skiing, I'm going to be competing this year. I.......

(Tia returns to make the last changeover)

Tia: you restarted it?

John: ahh yeah.

Tia: okay hello, I'm back.

Russ: hey Tia.

Tia: yo, yo, yo. Any questions before I put on the last person?

Russ: thanks for watching my kids while I was skiing.

Tia: you're welcome.

Russ: very nice.

Tia: okay.

(Lyka takes over speaking from Tia and finishes up the night)

Lyka: hi.

Russ: greetings Lyka.

Lyka: yo.

Russ: how are you doing?

Lyka: fine.

Russ: good Lyka, this is Ryan. I don't think you've met Johnny either.

John: yes Lyka and I have met in the past

Lyka: yes, hello.

John: hi Lyka, thank you for coming again, it's been a while since we've talked.

Lyka: yes I'm on dailies now.

Russ: well Lyka, I had a question for you and that is, Kiri wanted me to ask you about the horrors of war.

Lyka: you don't want to know.

Russ: I know but it's necessary for me to know.

Lyka: horrors of war......

Russ: uh-huh.

Lyka: seeing your friends die.....

Russ: right.

Lyka: the smell of blood, the smell of urine, excrement. Your hands shaking, anger, somebody coming at you and you've got to kill them or else they're going to kill you. But I thought we had more important things to discuss?

Russ: yeah well it's one of the things I had to get cleared out on.

Lyka: it's horrible.

Russ: thank you.

Lyka: sorry?

Russ: okay.

John: yeah, Russ' question confused me. I thought that all that was pretty much understood.

Russ: no I've never experienced it, don't know anything about it and don't know if I want to, I'm pretty sure I don't but it's one of things I'm going to have to face in the future and I'd rather know about it...

Lyka: yes, when you have somebody standing next to you, one of your squad mates and there's an explosion right next you and you turn around and she's not there anymore and you're covered in bits of red and white and brown, she's always with you then. Even though she's not there anymore.

Russ: well it was one of the things that in the future........


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