The Tree, The Beard and the Bunny- Channeled 01/26/99

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Archivist Notes: As frequently mentioned, the sessions that end up as podcasts are chosen randomly without foreknowledge of what is on the tape and so it is that synchronicity has struck once again. After getting the story of how Tia ended up in the 6th dimension, Karra in her answering of questions explains from the Base's point of view what happened. This session is also a first for two reasons. Kiri practically goes into depth of how a warp care engine is built and it marks the first time Skip and Laura met Treebeard and Bunny. On a technical note, there is a scratchiness in the fist ten minutes or so which is repeated whenever the mic was moved. We also hear a little radio bleed through on side two which could not be removed in the mastering process.

   Karra begins by introducing herself to a visitor Skip brought to the channeling session before explaining how self-healing works. That puts her on a path to explaining how the more you practice healing, the stronger you get in it. Prior to leaving, the subject of clones comes up and Karra takes us through Tia's transition. A nice counterpoint to last month's podcast. Treebeard takes up the rest of side two as we get a look at how mind reading is done from a master of the art. The technique of scanning a person's mind is broken down to a science by showing us how he sees the thoughts of others he's searching for as wave forms identified from their resonance with the thoughts he's thinking. He notes also how the auric colors help to identify the thoughts he looking for through the emotion tied to the color. At the end of side one he explains how he has adjusted his speech to a quicker tempo to facilitate our learning and it shows from the previous podcasts he's been featured.

    On side two Treebeard ends quickly after reflecting on his long years of horticulture and looking to the future. Kiri's next and right away she is detailing the operation of a warp core engine (minus a few key words) for Skip's benefit but more as part of an ongoing joke between the two of them. She reveals that she made the team for this year's Tri-Base Ski races but unfortunately the races themselves have run into a snag due to rain on Centari Base and have to be moved to Sirius. The last items up for discussion is the replacement of a pair of skis she broke and her design of a model plane that needs a downgrade form one of her earlier designs. Omal joins the channeling session in Kiri's place and after introducing himself to our guest, got a briefing on the status of the intergalactic conference. Bunny comes on to finish out the session while she is on vacation from school on Sirius and after introductions proceeds to lay out for us how she was able to heal a self-inflicted metal aberration she suffered from a healing where she accidentally re-wrote her mental circuitry. The question then came up about her ability to probe minds and gives a demonstration we found very enlightening. An excellent look at mind reading through another master of the skill and an interesting comparisons between Treebeard and Bunny's techniques.
KARRA Ring Mistress MARK (Channel)



2.)(1:27)- Kiri tantalizes us with part of the operating instructions for a warp core engine and how the Tri-Base ski races have had to be moved from the base on Alpha Centari.

3.)(10:00)- Omal get a briefing on the intergalactic conference and how the Arcturians had agreed to participate through a channel here on Earth.

4.)(20:00)- Bunny takes time out of her vacation from school on Sirius to channel and explains how she came to heal a mental reprogramming she did on herself.

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(Karra gets this session off to a start)

Karra: hello.

Russ: hello love.

Karra: hey, how’s it going?

Russ: good.

Laura: hi.

Karra: hey, hey, hey.

Skip: have you met this young lady?

Karra: no I haven’t please, let’s do introductions.

Skip: this is Laura.

Laura: I’m Laura.

Karra: Laura, okay.

Skip: and online she’s Avalon.

Karra: no I’m not familiar with you unfortunately.

Skip: okay all right okay.

Karra: I can pick brains and stuff but that would not work.

Skip: okay.

Karra: okay? Let me see, what do we have to discuss tonight? We have a pretty full schedule. We have……..who do we have tonight? We have Huna (Bunny), we have Treebeard, of course Omal and myself and the juvenile delinquent sister of mine, the Kiri monster.

Skip: can I ask a question?

Karra: certainly.

Skip: where is Lyka?

Karra: Lyka is apparently playing with her soldiers at the moment I’ve just been informed.

Skip: okay all right, I was just wondering because I think she's quite terrific.

Karra: if you want, we can put out a request for her but she is…..

Skip: that’s not necessary.

Karra: I’ve just been informed she’s conducting exercises.

Skip: okay, that’s not necessary, you don’t have to put in a request for her okay?

Karra: no problem.

Skip: thank you.

Karra: okay, let us throw open the floor as we have a honored guest and answer questions. First of all I will say that I am an ambassador, my primary enjoyment in life is healing. I was educated I believe you would say the University of Sirius as a healer, I have field medicine experience, my main passions are herbals……..herbs and using energy flows and energy crystals. I also have a good grounding in basic medicine, basic healing overall such as how to set a bone, how to reattach appendages, how to stitch skin back together, that kind of stuff, poultices, herbs, their effects… to redirect energy, how to heal by using the person’s own healing ability. They say you have an interest in that don’t you?

Laura: I do?

Karra: uh-huh, what would you like to know? Pick my brain. Feel free, it’s my brain, it’s mine to offer.

Laura: how do you use your own healing power?

Karra: for example, let’s say I wanted to heal Skip and he couldn't do it on his own. What I would do is by going through certain rituals, I’m using his energy to bring it up to a higher frequency or if my frequency is lower to a lower frequency that matches mine and mine alters to match his so that you meet somewhere in the middle from a higher or a lower to a point that is common ground. And what you do is by using certain rituals for example bowls of water, cleansing your hands and the belief that they have that you can heal them, by them believing that you can heal them, you can heal them but in actual fact they’re healing themselves. That’s a trade secret actually. As a healer, you heal the patient by getting them to heal themselves, by talking them through and them believing that you can get them…..that they can get you to heal them, they’re healing themselves but you’re speeding up the process. There are various rituals and beliefs and you play on those beliefs that they can speed up the healing process. If a person believes that for example distilled water will cure them of what ails them, it will, it will speed up the process. You see the most powerful tool for healing is the person’s own mind so that’s the first step of healing is getting them to use their mind. Now of course there are incidences where they lack in belief and lack in the feeling that they can heal themselves so you have to find what they think will heal them. Whether it’s technology, whether it’s eating certain foods, doing certain activities and in doing so you're again getting them to heal themselves. Even though you’re using your knowledge to put them on the right path, they’re doing the actual work but you’re also doing the work, you can’t have one without the other. Does that help?

Laura: yes, thank you for your insight.

Karra: oh no problem, feel free to ask any questions as I said, pick my brain. After all, it is my brain……

Russ: two doctors who were talking about some medicine.....

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: they had been researching and giving out to test subjects and the medicines were a combination of four different ingredients and they had the initials EOP and H…..

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: and one doctor gave it to them as the EOP or EOPH and he was getting 20% recovery rates or success rates whereas the other doctor was giving them out in another form and getting 80%. Well the doctor with the 20% asked the guy with the 80% how is it working, how are you getting so much? And he spelled it out by telling them I am giving them hope. Who knows?

Skip: sweetheart?

Karra: yes?

Skip: I’ve got a question to ask.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: we seen on the net today wasn’t it? About the first limb transplant in American history.

Karra: uh-huh.

Laura: oh yeah, first arm transplant I think.

Skip: hand transplant?

Laura: yeah.

Skip: yeah, hand transplant. Will this take?

Karra: yes.

Skip: good, great.

Karra: there will be difficulties at first and the hand transplant may or may not be successful. I watched that with interest myself actually, I heard about it yesterday.

Skip: okay because we seen it today on the net.

Karra: yeah and I have suspicions about this particular one but yes it is a transplant but there are so many problems connected with it.

Skip: yeah.

Karra: whether or not they have full motor skills in the hand is something that is yet to be seen. But in time as the technology improves because there’s a lot of just more than grafting and connecting the arteries and everything else, the first question that I have is once the healing is done, will the limb have the full range of motions?

Skip: and what about the nerves?

Karra: will it have touch?

Skip: yeah.

Karra: will it have the ability to feel heat and cold? It’s going to feel warm……actually the best person to talk about that is somebody that's experienced it firsthand and if you want we can send out a request for her.

Skip: you talking about Lyka?

Karra: uh-huh, you remember her leg incident?

Skip: yes I do but there’s no sense in sending for her, we can talk to her at a later time.

Karra: well she's going to be here until the end of June.

Skip: oh okay fine, we can talk to her later, that’s fine.

Karra: okay, no problem.

Skip: okay now, there’s one other question I need to ask you….

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: and this is a personal question……

Karra: okay.

Skip: and I want to find out is by me using my power as much as I have been…..

Karra: uh-huh, are you depleting it?

Skip: well I want to find out if I’m depleting it or increasing it?

Karra: increasing it yes but depleting, how can you deplete something that is renewable?

Skip: this is true, this is true. I wasn’t worried about the depletion, I was kind of wondering about the….

Karra: increase?

Skip: increase because I’ve been practicing more with it.

Karra: you always increase, the more you use something the more it increases.

Skip: okay.

Karra: it’s like, what's the phrase? When you work out you increase your muscle strength and your stamina, it’s the same.

Skip: uh-huh okay all right.

Karra: however, you can deplete it temporarily.

Skip: but it will rebuild?

Karra: yes, it will renew itself.

Skip: yeah, from the energy of the earth, yeah.

Laura: I have a question.

Karra: yes.

Laura: okay I had an experience about a year ago…….

Karra: uh-huh.

Laura: where I felt two different shifts of energy leave me and at the same time my image was appearing at somebody else’s side without me knowing I was there. Can you tell me what that was?

Karra: that would be accidental astral travel, well accidental astral projection.

Laura: okay, how can I avoid it?

Karra: it’s not actually my field, you'd have to talk to our resident astral travel expert (Tia). Unfortunately she’s busy trying to catch somebody at the moment.

Laura: okay, thank you anyhow.

Karra: no problem, I can give you a brief answer. What is happening is that you’re probably at a point where you wanted to project and were thinking about that particular person and you’re thinking about them intensely and have intense feelings for them and you’re projecting an image to their location even though you’re not actually going there yourself or aware of astral traveling there.

Laura: yes, uh-huh.

Karra: that’s my best guess, if we could get ahold of our overactive, playful feline, she would give you a full explanation in great detail but at the moment her ears are twitching and she’s in hot pursuit which should be fun to watch. Any more questions? I need to…….

Russ: I just had one more.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: apparently the South or the Koreans have said they are working on cloning of humans.

Skip: yes.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: is it possible that what they’re talking about now that they’re able to transplant, is it possible that the two sciences might be merging in the future?

Karra: very probable, very probable. Skip’s response is yes, genetically they would be identical to the original genetic material, to the original genetic person. However, to clone exactly, they would have to experience everything that that person had experienced environmentally…..

Skip: uh-huh.

Russ: there's a a lot of moral problems on that one.

Laura: oh yes, yes.

Karra: but the moral problems on their own are unimportant, the cloning of somebody for example a clone is not an identical replicant of the person. For example, we could not have a hundred identical Russ’ because they would all have to experience exactly the same thing.

Skip: and that’s almost impossible.

Karra: that’s correct. You could clone 20 people altogether and have those 20 experience everything together but the thought processes and the actions and everything and their responses would be different because each person has a hundred or a thousand different ways of responding to one particular event.

Skip: uh-huh.

Laura: well what would the purpose of this cloning be?

Karra: let’s say let’s take somebody from your country, Albert Einstein no, he was Austrian wasn’t he?

Skip: uh-hmm.

Laura: I’m not sure.

Karra: yeah, I think he was Austrian. Okay, from your area.

Laura: okay.

Skip: yeah.

Karra: okay and you clone a hundred Albert Einsteins, think of the thinking capability of a hundred Albert Einstein’s.

Skip: yeah that would be fantastic.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: yeah that would be fantastic.

Laura: that would be therefore ethical? Uh-uh.

Skip: no I don’t think so.

Laura: no.

Skip: morally wrong as far as I could see.

Laura: yes, yes totally.

Karra: actually, actually you have talked to a clone frequently. Tia is a clone of herself, she has her original consciousness but her body is a clone.

Skip: now wait a minute….

Laura: can you explain that one?

Karra: what happened was that she was experimenting on her home in her own dimension with dimensional jumps. That’s pulling her body through to a different dimension and she succeeded apart from her body went into shock, there was severe trauma to her body which made it impossible to heal it but her consciousness and her heart rate and her mental processes slowed down to the point of almost stopping and we were unable to retrieve and reactivate it so what we basically did was took her genetic material, copied it, forced a clone which is a little bit shaky to do if you can force an accelerated clone there are so many different possibilities that could happen and go wrong and then we used a kind of…..the best way to describe it is that we inserted a disk, a computer disk and took out all of her consciousness and then reprogrammed it into her new body.

Skip: okay now……

Karra: that’s the easiest way to explain it.

Skip: in your dimension…..

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: this is feasible.

Karra: yes, it’s tricky.

Skip: in our dimension, not hardly.

Karra: it’s impossible in your dimension. In ours, it is a high risk.

Skip: yeah but in our dimension it’s impossible……

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: to do what you’ve done in your dimension.

Karra: well for us we’ve done it probably a grand total of I would say a 1,000 times.

Skip: yeah.

Karra: we’ve succeeded in probably only a hundred.

Skip: wow, that’s not a very good average.

Karra: yeah and once you do the transfer of consciousness, if it isn't successful, you lose both.

Skip: yeah, yeah you would.

Russ: does it have to do with the person being transferred whether they want to transfer or not that would make it successful?

Karra: pretty much so yes.

Laura: free will.

Karra: pretty much so, they’ve got to be acceptable of what’s going on and really desire to continue in that life form.

Skip: free will, just like you said….

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: free will.

Karra: and Tia fortunately had an incredible desire.

Skip: oh.

Karra: her first desire was that she wanted her body back and to get back home but once she learned that she couldn’t, then it was sort of like, “okay let’s make the best of the situation.”

Skip: uh-huh, uh-huh.

Karra: and she’s probably even more happier now than she was on her home planet. She misses it.

Skip: I’m sure she does.

Karra: okay, next question.

Russ: that's all for me.

Skip: I think that’ll suffice, how about you darling?

Laura: me as well.

Karra: okay.

Russ: thank you love.

Skip: thank you, thank you.

Laura: thank you.

(Treebeard makes a long-awaited appearance)

Treebeard: hmmm.

Russ: greetings Treebeard.

Treebeard: greetings.

Russ: (to the group) this is Treebeard.

Treebeard: greetings young man……..

Russ: I don’t know, have you met Treebeard yet?

Skip: no.

Treebeard: greetings young lady.

Laura: greetings.

Skip: no.

Russ: Treebeard this is Skip, this is Laura, this is Treebeard.

Treebeard: both of you are not going by true names.

(Skip laughs)

Treebeard: that makes three of us.

Laura: what is a true name?

Treebeard: the name that you were given when being birthed. You do not wish yours mentioned young lady? Russ....

Russ: yes?

Treebeard: explain what one of my gifts are.

Russ: ahh, one of the gifts of Treebeard is able to probe under people's shields or be able to read their minds if they’re open enough to let him or sometimes if they’re not.

Laura: okay.

(chuckles all around)

Treebeard: as my great, great, great, great, great, great grandniece (Bunny) who being with us tonight is also being of capable to do so although not as subtly or compassionately. I am the feather touch, she is the..........interesting image, the anvil drop.

Skip: ouch.

Treebeard: but being of the same clan you would say? Then we understand and work as a team in learning for you. Okay, questions you may be having?

Russ: hmm.

Skip: can…..let me see how I can word this… this possible for 3-D people to do what you do?

Treebeard: yes, it takes time and practice but not finessefully nor as subtly or as accurately. It is something that is done heavier than the anvil drop if done in a way that is looked at. It is harsh on the person being probed. Confusion, nausea are quite common on your dimensional existence, a feeling of revulsion is also a feeling that is generated.

Skip: that was my next question, thank you. In other words, who you’re probing can feel when you do this.

Treebeard: yes whereas you did not.

Skip: no I didn’t.

Laura: but if you consent to it, how can you still be confused about it?

Treebeard: because to extract information, you have to approach precisely the thoughts that you are thinking. For example, you have numerous subconscious thoughts functioning at this time. If I was not skilled, I would get confused myself on your subconscious thoughts as well as your conscious transmissional thoughts and in doing so my confusion whilst looking for the correct waveform patterns would confuse you. It is like plucking at various pieces of material to retrieve one piece of material. You may grab the wrong one so you have to put it back or glide over and touch many before achieving the correct appropriate piece of material.

Skip: another words in our saying, "like a bull in a china closet".

Treebeard: correct, there are a myriad of thought processes going on within each of you. Huna has the problem of youth at her disadvantage of she will look for a thought process but in doing so will watch, look and listen to others so it is less subtle and less gentle. She gets distracted easily when searching.

Russ: now we don’t often pay attention to our own thought processes and you mentioned them as being waveforms, is that how they appear to you then when you're observing these?

Treebeard: yes.

Russ: how do you individualize each one and determine…..

Treebeard: it is simple, it is a process where I am looking for a piece of information. I know what I am looking for, my own wave patterns on what I am looking for will be similar although not identical to the waveform that I am looking for. Having contacted a waveform that is similar, I will match it to see how closely it resembles. If there are more than one, I will pick the one that resembles the most closely and matches.

Russ: hmm.

Treebeard: 90.......999995% accuracy in what I do.

Russ: wow, that’s just……

Laura: pretty amazing.

Russ: now do these have any sort of like to make it easier a color to them? For example, certain thoughts have certain waveforms and certain colors associated with them?

Treebeard: to a certain extent yes, I was trying to come up with a satisfactory answer and it depends on the person's auric signature and also what kind of thought processes is going. For example, a question of emotional feeling…..wording is important……is of reflection in the color. The deeper the emotion, the brighter and the more deeper the color. For example, an emotion of passion will be of a red color, deeper, more passionate, lighter less. An emotional status also affects the coloring. If the individual is in a, to use a phrase, floating blah kind of mood, then the individual’s emotional response and coloring of the waveform thought process is also of a lighter shade.

Russ: hmm, so this is……

Treebeard: yes.

Russ: now this is sort of how we could learn to do that?

Treebeard: yes.

Russ: ahhh.

Skip: I have a question young man.

Treebeard: young?

(laughter all around)

Skip: don’t mind me, that’s my colloquialism okay? But…..

Treebeard: ahh.

Skip: this young man…..

Treebeard: ahh.

Skip: all right?

Treebeard: so a boy is anybody younger than yourself, anyone older is young man, I understand.

Skip: okay all right now, this lady and myself….

Treebeard: uh-huh.

Skip: are under the impression that we are twin souls.

Treebeard: that is not for me to discuss.

Skip: oh I’m sorry, okay I stepped in the wrong place.

Treebeard: that is quite all right. Ask and you will receive an answer, it may not be the answer that you wish, but it is an answer. I am not saying……what I am saying is that it is not my field of expertise…..

Skip: oh okay, all right.

Treebeard: I cannot help you on that answer.

Skip: okay, okay, okay I just wondering if maybe our thought processes was the same.

Treebeard: they are similar from what I have looked over, I have not probed harshly or deeply, just a gentle, feathers touch of a probe to retrieve information to facilitate a more speedy…..I do dislike being fast and hasty.....

Skip: okay.

Treebeard: but it was necessary for my understanding to fit into your speed of communication and thought processes.

Skip: I know.

Treebeard: to be eloquent for your understandings, it is necessary for me to briefly see what communication levels and linguistic abilities you have so that I can communicate on a level that is with you as opposed to doing my normal thought processes which are long periods of silence punctuated by long, eloquent dissertations in my opinion.

Skip: okay.

Treebeard: I am not hasty as a rule, this for me is being very, very, very hasty.

Skip: okay.

Russ: yes I was there when he first talked to us and it was a complete change from now to then and when you see both you can see this is quite fast for him but is also quite educational........

Skip: uh-huh.

Russ: much more educational for us.

Treebeard: that is something that was pointed out to me that it is necessary unfortunately to be hasty for you so that it is easier for you to learn in a way that facilitates your growth. Unfortunately I have difficulties using short words to explain long meanings so the pauses that I have are whilst I think of alternative ways of communicating that is abbreviated to facilitate the learning process. I believe yes, one of my dissertations would include your whole recording medium that you are activating at this time would be one response to a question. I am used to questions being of equal length and dwelling on the questions at my convenience and responding in the way that gives full understanding. You see?

Russ: uh-huh.

Skip: uh-huh.

Treebeard: my response and pause was my answer before I made the phrase, "you see" was much, much longer so I had to think and dwell for a brief moment on something that would be substituted for my answer.

Russ: now is this something that happens as you get more through the sixth dimension and get closer to a transition forward to the next dimension?

Treebeard: ahh, your thought process and question was slightly different. It is something that becomes more active with more age, even for our race and species, with greater age comes greater patience and dwelling capability on questions and answers.

Russ: hmm.

Treebeard: yes in a way that is something that also occurs on your dimensional level Skip.

Skip: thank you. Patience becomes a little bit more as you grow older.

Treebeard: we have phrase, "youth is wasted on the young".

Skip: yes, we have the same thing here.

Treebeard: yes, it is not a matter of patience but a matter of accepting as is the thought process being something that comes with maturity not in physical form but in mental capability.

Russ: hmm.

Treebeard: no, that is a wrong assumption, it is a assumption that all evolved species goes through the same thought patterns as they develop. Each species is different in its thought processes. For example up here we have two different races present, one thought processes is as a rule from the meetings I have with others of the same species fast, quick, one is analytic, the other person I have met in this species is more studious and scientific but the thought processes are similar in the speed that they work and the assumptions they come to.

(Tia and one of the other Durondedunns on the base)

Treebeard: the other people present up here at this time within the facility I am in, the processes are more slow, leisurely but cover a wider, possible outcomes. I’m being corrected, it is necessary for you to vocalize your questions…..




(Treebeard finishes up quickly)

Russ: (to the others) he’s also a gardener, one of the extremely fine gardeners on the base.

Skip: yeah?

Treebeard: I have a long way to go before I am extremely exceptionalbe, I try.

Skip: maybe not in our estimation okay?

Treebeard: I have a long way to go.

Laura: modesty is a virtue.

Treebeard: patience is a virtue.

Laura: oh yeah.

Treebeard: I have planted many different species of fauna that I will never see grow to fruition but I know one day I will do so, not in this physical form. I have also planted and witnessed fauna grow rapidly and disappear and return with new generations of their offspring. Okay I am being asked to…..the phrase would be to finish up?

Russ: uh-huh.

Treebeard: such a hasty phrase. Okay, any more questions?

Russ: no.

Skip: none for me.

Laura: none either.

Treebeard: okay.

Russ: thank you Treebeard.

Skip: thank you.

Laura: yes.

Treebeard: hmm.....hasty, a hasty word for something which such meaning.

(Kiri comes on humming)

Kiri: yo.

Russ: hi Kiri.

Skip: hi Kiri.

Kiri: hey, hey.

Laura: hi Kiri.

Kiri: yo, so…….

Skip: how are you tonight darling?

Kiri: I’m doing good. Okay I’m here briefly to answer questions, any questions? How do I start the bidding?

(everybody laughs)

Skip: your sense of humor is showing through darling.

Kiri: oh it is?

Skip: yes.

Kiri: okay, questions.

Russ: oh by the way Kiri, this is Laura.

Laura: hi Kiri.

Kiri: greetings, hello. Okay…..

Skip: engineer?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: uh-huh.

Kiri: only in my free time.

Skip: only in your free time?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: you ain't going to tell me so I ain’t going to ask.

Kiri: not going to tell you what, how to build a warp core engine?

Skip: yes.

(Skip starts laughing)

Laura: huh?

Skip: how to build a warp core engine.

Laura: oh geez.….

Kiri: it’s an ongoing joke between the two of us, Russ is totally lost by it.

Skip: this is a going thing with me and this young lady.

Kiri: uh-huh how long? Three years?

Skip: something like that.

Laura: wow…….

Kiri: the compression ratio is equal to the displacement of the energy field. The external input is also equal to the internal frequency of the modulation of the capacity to override the flow-through of the electronical magnetical field which is combined with the flow of a plasmic substance which is diligently monitored by the technician which in turn is operating the equipment that regulates the flow and the modulation of the flow-through followed by the flow-back of the energy source that is equal to the pressure supplied by the combustional residue that is exhaled through the exhaust system. In doing so……

Skip: now you’ve told me what it will do, now how do I build it?

Kiri: right, I told you how to run it, I didn't tell you how to build it or maintain it.

(laughter breaks out)

Russ: where do you get the plasma from?

Skip: I know.

Kiri: can’t tell you that.

Skip: I love you, you’re terrific.

Kiri: and I omitted a whole load of very important information too.

Russ: hey Kiri, how’s the ski race is going this year? I haven’t…..

Kiri: I’m on the team.

Skip: you’re on the team?

Russ: where are they going to hold it at this year? Is it still going to be the same place on Centauri Base?

Kiri: no….

Russ: oh no.

Kiri: no.

Russ: what happened?

Kiri: they had a severe rainstorm.

Russ: oh no.

Kiri: and we haven’t got the setup so it’s being hosted on Sirius and they’re panicking.

Skip: oh I bet they are, I’ll bet they are.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: well congratulations, have you done any trials yet?

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: how did you do?

Kiri: I did pretty good, not doing as good as I was hoping and it’s taking time getting used to my new skis.

Russ: oh yeah, you broke the old ones.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: hmm.

Skip: well set your mind to it and you can do it.

Kiri: well they’re not the design that I want but they’ll work, they’re workable.

Skip: good, good.

Kiri: I may make a few modifications. I’ve got two years before my replacement set will be made and ready.

Russ: hmm, so that person was able to make them for you finally?

Kiri: (sighs) yes and it cost.

Skip: I’ll bet it did.

Kiri: seriously cost. It cost a whole entire line named after her.

(we hear whistles of amazement)

Russ: (to Laura) she designs clothes.

Kiri: uh-huh. So I've got this whole entire line that is her line.

Laura: oh.

Skip: good Lord.

Kiri: uh-huh and she gets the revenue from it.

Russ: probably sell well too.

Kiri: probably will and it’s not ski wear which is what I thought she would’ve gone after.

Russ: hmm, she wants a line of bathing suits?

Kiri: no.

Skip: sportswear?

Kiri: no.

Laura: eveningwear?

Kiri: no, no…..spring wear.

Laura: ohh.

Skip: no kidding?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: that’s a hell of a line.

Kiri: light, summery outfits or spring outfits.

Skip: yeah.

Russ: well good luck with this year anyway.

Kiri: yeah, I hope to pick up another medal.

Russ: well with the change in venue, perhaps it will throw the other racers off too.

Kiri: yeah, it’s throwing everybody off, it could be fun, could be fun. And the area that they hosted it last year they can’t host it in this year for the simple reason that there are a couple of festivals that go on in that area and they were early last year because of those festivals and the scheduling and everything, we’ve had to push them further into the year which means the races are going to be held in possibly spring-like conditions which is going to make it very entertaining.

Russ: why don’t you guys hold it at Hades Base where you can control the weather?

Kiri: we don’t have the setup right now.

Russ: oh.

Skip: oh boy.

Kiri: we don’t start the construction and everything for that until the summer.

Skip: oh boy.

Kiri: because we’ve got to have six months warning whilst there’s no snow on the ground to build the bases where all the equipment will get set up and then we’ve got to line the courses with the monitoring equipment to make sure nobody cheats. I mean PK’s right out. Can’t use that whilst racing so we’ve got to put all of that in before the races are held.

Russ: hmm.

Skip: hmm.

Kiri: so……

Skip: I’ve got another question for you love.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: about a year ago…..

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: me and Mark….

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: decided to put together a flying wing.

Kiri: it was more than a year ago.

Skip: okay well whatever. Anyhow, you came up with a design that was so far out….

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: there was no way we could build that bugger.

Kiri: yes you can.

Skip: no. Now will you simplify this thing for us please? Please?

Kiri: okay, I can simplify it.

Skip: please.

Kiri: okay, you want a stable flying platform.

Skip: wing.

Kiri: how stable?

Skip: wing.

Kiri: how stable?

Skip: you got me at a loss here.

Kiri: if you have it totally stable....

Skip: yeah?

Kiri: it’s not going to turn.

Skip: no, we want it to fly.

Kiri: okay so you need a reasonably stable platform that can have the ability to turn, bank, roll, pitch…..

Skip: that’s correct.

Kiri: okay.

Skip: isn’t necessary right now okay?

Kiri: uh-huh, it’s two engines…..piece of cake.

Skip: all right, then when you see Mark the next time, will you give him the….

Kiri: well he’s pottering around in the apartment somewhere.

Skip: well honey I know that but the two of you’s can’t do something together here as long as…….

Kiri: I’m here in the….

Skip: that’s correct.

Kiri: the channeling and he’s pottering around in the apartment.

Skip: yeah right.

Kiri: I could go and hit him over the head with some fruit and stuff.

Skip: but just try to instill in him a little bit simpler design than what you came up with because that was atrocious.

Kiri: it worked and it worked very well.

Skip: I know it worked, with four engines.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Kiri: okay, I’ve been told it’s time to put on the next person.

Skip: okay. Thank you baby, I appreciate it, I really do.

(Omal comes on for his time as speaker)

Russ: good evening.

Omal: greetings and felicitations.

Russ: greetings Omal.

Skip: good evening Omal.

Laura: greetings.

Omal: greetings, greetings young lady.

Russ: Omal, this is Laura.

Omal: Laura, it is an honor to be able to meet your acquaintance.

Laura: thank you.

Omal: I am the base commander, my primary function is to keep control over this disorderly bunch of reprobates. I believe if they were assembled on your planet, they would be tried, convicted and sentenced to insubordination, delinquent behavior, juvenile characteristics and misappropriation of time but all jokes aside, I’m here to answer questions. Tonight’s format is an informal format that we’ve been going through as opposed to our normal format where I go over the points that everybody has made, correct any erroneous statements and in doing so I also say what may or may not be put on your Internet when this is transcribed by our resident delinquent scribe. Okay, as it is an informal session, I will throw the hat into the ring and open to questions. You can ask me any question that you wish, if I do not know the answer I will retrieve the answer for you at a pace which is satisfactory for you.

Russ: excellent. Question on the conference.

Omal: yes.

Russ: currently I’m at phase two of trying to track down channels other than…..

Omal: for the Zeta Reticuli.

Russ: correct.

Omal: yes I am aware, I have received full reports.

Russ: and we have of course gotten something back but nothing positive.

Omal: no, it is something that is as I said takes time.

Russ: right, so we’re still working at it. Unfortunately there’s only two to work with at this present moment.

Omal: yes.

Skip: question?

Russ: uh-huh.

Skip: please

Russ: sure.

Skip: is there any way that we can help?

Russ: yeah, we need a channel for the Zeta Reticuli, the race called the Grays.

Laura: the Grays.

Omal: uh-huh.

Laura: the race that supposedly not having emotions.

Russ: yeah right, the race with a single consciousness.

Omal: yes, responsible for numerous abductions.

Laura: abductions.

Russ: yes unfortunately they’re very shy let’s say.

Omal: would you not be shy if you were being accused of what they are doing?

Russ: I'd want to set the record straight. Supposedly there’s two kinds and one side is against the other side who's apparently doing the abductions but they're a single consciousness so it’s kinda hard to say how they could be two sides.

Laura: well didn’t the abductions stop?

Omal: they have decreased dramatically thanks very much to the efforts of numerous groups, they still happen.

Russ: hmm.

Omal: we are one group that is working very diligently on this problem. There is a second group that I can freely mention and they do pay a price for their more aggressive stance on attempting to stop the abductions. Unfortunately many of them do not reach great age in doing what they do.

Russ: that would be the pilots?

Omal: that is correct.

Russ: (to Laura) the pilots on Hades Base. Hmm okay, so in the meantime, go ahead and continue those efforts and also work on the Reptoids?

Omal: yes that we have to pursue this. It is necessary to be able to at least start the process as I said and have said numerous times, we are not in any great hurry but the speed is in your linear thought processes on the perception of time.

Russ: right.

Omal: you are limited by the length of time.

Skip: this isn’t going to take place in our lifetime?

Russ: it very well could be.

Laura: at least this lifetime.

Russ: well it all depends on efforts and responses. We have a representative from the Arcturians, we have representatives from Ashtar Command. All we need now are representatives from at least one of the other two races..

Omal: it may be appropriate to make overtures to them which appeal to their thought processes, pointing out the educational advancements that can come from this not only for them but for all groups involved.

Russ: okay.

Omal: I could word it for you but it would be not appropriate. It have to do it yourself.

Russ: okay. Now something else, Tia mentioned something that kicked off in my mind just a second ago when she mentioned the Asian flu, the various economic problems branching out from that as being a limiting time factor. We’ve seen how Brazil’s now going through a similar economic problem.......

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: and the spread of course will probably reach us last but is it something that will be sort of working into a time-frame for us to try to beat?

Omal: I do not know at this time. It depends how virulent the Asian flu becomes when it hits. If it is already burned itself out far enough that it is not a major threat or if it re-intensifies is something that is debatable at this point.

Russ: okay.

Omal: it is something that we are looking at and waiting very patiently for Tia’s latest facts and figures.

Russ: okay. Well we’ll hope for the best.

Skip: yeah.

Russ: also there was a question I had on the one tape that I’ve transcribe and before I put it on the web I wanted to ask you about.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: we were talking and I believe I’m pretty sure it was you who was discussing on the tape about Russia getting a new president.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: and as I remember it, I can’t remember the gentleman’s name or if he was in fact president because I thought it was Pres. Boris Yeltsin. There can’t be two presidents actually.

Omal: no, I believe you are misquoting. It is the gentleman directly underneath the president.

Russ: okay so I need to change that.

Omal: it would be I believe that would be a prime minister the equivalent that they use.

Russ: okay. One last thing on Daniel's……(Leonedies)

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: thing where he is making a challenge to the other races.

Omal: challenge is an inaccurate word.

Russ: ahh yes…a….

Omal: raising a point.

Russ: right. It’s something I wasn’t sure if we still wanted to go with now that we have a representative from the Arcturians, it might be seen as something negative. I wanted to find out a little more on your side what you thought.

Omal: Daniel is a wiser head than I am, he is playing his own game as it were to facilitate the necessary speed.

Russ: okay.

Omal: I believe the phrase was calling on all races involved to paraphrasing, “get their fingers out"?

Russ: right.

Omal: and work out the problems? What I think you should do is send to the representative that is prepared to channel for the Arcturians a little letter stating that this was written before there had been a response and that it is not directed at them, more at the Zetas and the Reptiloids.

Russ: okay, I'll work on that. I’m hogging all the questions.

Skip: no, no, no I’m listening, you go right ahead, you’re doing just fine because I’m trying to learn.

Russ: okay. Hmm, actually I didn’t want to take up too much more time because I know we still have Huna left and she’s only here for a short time so I really don’t have anything else left on my end.

Skip: I don’t either.

Laura: neither do I.

Omal: okay.

Skip: thank you Omal.

Russ: thank you.

Omal: you are welcome. Live long, prosper and, I’ll be back.

(Bunny takes time out of her vacation to channel to the group)

Russ: good evening Bunny…Huna.

Bunny: please, Bunny.

Russ: thank you.

Bunny: God, I hate it when people call me Huna, only my mother calls me Huna…..God.

(snickers break out)

Russ: Bunny, Skip I don’t know if you’ve met.

Bunny: nope, never met you before.

Skip: no, I don’t think so.

Russ: and this is Laura.

Bunny: Laura hey.

Laura: hi bunny.

Bunny: yep, I’m a student, I am studying healing and probing.

Skip: whoa.

Russ: this is Treebeard’s great, great, great and so on granddaughter.

Bunny: uh-huh.

Skip: oh, okay all right.

Bunny: I’m the one with the personality problem.

Russ: how’s the studying going by the way, how’s school?

Bunny: piece of cake, it’s boring.

Russ: it’s going well though I take it then?

Bunny: yeah, it’s going fun, I'm having a blast.

Russ: enjoying your vacation?

Bunny: uh-huh, really been enjoying myself.

Russ: good.

Skip: you’re on spring break?

Bunny: huh?

Skip: you on spring break?

Russ: it’s a Earth thing for people in school down here, they take a break during springtime.

Bunny: oh, I take a break when I feel like it.

Skip: oh okay, that must be nice.

Bunny: uh-huh, I take four months a year. Most of it I spend at home, I go fishing, I go swimming, boating......I have a lot of fun too.

Russ: how’s your sister?

Bunny: which one?

Russ: the one on the base.

Bunny: oh Leah, she’s good, she’s good to go.

Russ: it’s good to see you're doing so well.

Bunny: uh-huh, yeah I’m doing real well.

Russ: excellent.

Bunny: the best way to describe me is I am a student of life.

Russ: excellent.

Bunny: uh-huh.

Russ: now quick question for you.

Bunny: uh-huh.

Russ: is your ability to probe and your ability to heal..........

Bunny: uh-huh.

Russ: the two used in conjunction has really become something of a…..

Bunny: well that’s what led me to my little problem….

Russ: right, I remember that.

Bunny: yeah with my dysfunction.

Russ: uh-huh.

Bunny: I had a circuitry problem in my head. What happened was I was working on a healing with two individuals that had a animosity towards each other and it was necessary to look at why they had an animosity, get to the root cause and then get them to work on the healing. Whilst working on the healing, it involved me interacting in a very defenseless ability where I experienced what they experienced both of them and what happened was that I basically rewrote the mental programming in my head and I got locked in the loop of one of the people who has a enjoyment of pain.

Laura: ohhh.

Skip: ouch.

Bunny: so I got in a negative……

Russ: feedback loop?

Bunny: yeah feedback loop in a way that was of a sexual orientation where pleasure and pain became interchangeable and started to corrupt each other that I needed more pleasure to get…..I needed more pain to get more pleasure and it got worse and worse and worse and then finally I went to what you would say is my dean and we sat down and we looked at it we worked out a healing process for it and it was basically enjoy as much of both as possible but be aware that they are both overriding. It got to the point where it was overriding and everything that I did I needed the pain to have the pleasure of anything, it was no longer just a sexual activity. So what we did was that we sat down and we came up with a healing thing where I basically went through hell for about a 28 day period of escalating and escalating and then finally it got to the point where I just collapsed, just totally collapsed and that’s when the healing could start. It had to be burnt out of my system and now I understand both emotions and both feelings and yeah, I enjoy a bit of pain with my pleasure.

Russ: well you sound much more saner now.

Bunny: hey I was going batty at that point.

Russ: oh yeah.

Bunny: when I sent the holo, I was getting to the point where I was going without sleep to satisfy the urges.

Russ: yeah it was bad.

Skip: sounds like she became an empath, I mean from a human weakness from the other people.

Bunny: well that’s part of the process of the healing was doing that.

Skip: sound like you became an empath.

Bunny: well I am empathic, I feel the emotions so that I can heal, it is part of the healing side of me. The probing side is something that is…..yeah?

Skip: what a combination.

Bunny: yeah it is, it is.

Russ: we have a saying down here that, "whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger".

Bunny: it almost did kill me.

Skip: sounds like it.

Bunny: I mean it was overkill and basically for the last five days I went without sleep satisfying those urges. I needed the pain to get the pleasure and as soon as the pleasure was reached it faded away and I needed the pain again.

Russ: well you sound like you’ve actually grown quite a bit. I mean you speak more in the way like Kiri or somebody as far as your maturity has kind of gotten way up there from when we first talked.

Bunny: oh you want to bet?

Russ: oh it just sounds like it.

Bunny: it’s just that when I go back, I’ve got a whole load of exams to do and I have had my urges satisfied for the afternoon so I'm going to pick my books back up and sit in the bamboo and read for a while and then once my urges warm back up and then I’ll deal with those urges but at the moment I’ve got to do some studying on…..what am I studying? Studying something.

Russ: circulatory system…..

Bunny: no, no, no. It’s actually something that is a little convoluted. It’s to do with practices of a…’s a religious order thingy and their healing practices.

Russ: ahh, now your great-grandfather so on and so on and so on…

Bunny: uncle.

Russ: uncle sorry, was discussing the probing process…..

Bunny: yes I know and that in itself is pretty basic and simple but part of the probing thing is and I don’t like the phrase, “that I am the anvil.” And what is an anvil? Oh it’s one of those, okay.

(everyone starts the snicker)

Skip: love that.

Russ: okay well we’re….

Bunny: so who’s the guy with the leather apron and the mallet thingy?

Russ: the what?

Skip: oh Thor.

Russ: oh.

Bunny: no, totally lost.

Skip: or a blacksmith.

Bunny: it was the picture that I got was of this person that needed…..this big, muscular guy that needed to take a bath pounding and sparks flying with this mallet thingy……

Skip: that's Thor.

Russ: no that’s a blacksmith.

Bunny: on an anvil. Okay who thought of that? It was floating around.

Russ: wasn’t me, all I had was the anvil…….

Laura: uh-uh.

Russ: I didn’t put any sparks down.

(Skip laughs)

Skip: I’m sorry darling.

Bunny: that’s all right, I mean with all these thoughts floating around, it does get a little confusing the fact that I am in probe mode which is part of a demonstration that I’m about to do.

Skip: oh, go ahead.

Bunny: victim, let me see…..

Russ: I’m wide open tonight.

Bunny: hold on one second. Oh really Russ, so you don’t think we would double-team you huh?

Russ: well……..that’s from an earlier thought.

Bunny: it’s floating.

Russ: it’s floating.

Bunny: it's thinking, it’s working. Okay, so how do you fix that problem?

Russ: I don’t know but the question I had was waveforms, you see them in the air or in our brain?

Bunny: well how do you fix that problem of trying to recognize which ones and where they are?

Russ: I don’t know, I haven’t found that one out it.

Bunny: maybe I should be a little bit more clearer on what I say, I thought you would know what I meant. Obviously being a male of your species means that your intelligence level is lower.

(everyone but Russ starts laughing)

Russ: something about familiarity.

Bunny: actually that’s part of the demonstration, what I’ve basically done is totally destroyed his shields by attacking his self-confidence. I can get what I want now. You see I am the mallet.

Russ: uh-huh, (sighs)

Bunny: okay...

Russ: it’s good to have you back dear, I understand you're leaving though?

Bunny: yeah I’m leaving on Monday of next week.

Skip: oh yeah, where you going hon?

Bunny I’m going home, I got to go back to my studies.

Skip: oh okay.

Bunny: uh-huh.

Skip: then your vacation’s over?

Bunny: pretty much so, I may stay a little while longer or I may come on a weekend trip. Take a couple days off and come and visit but yes.......that is a problem for you to figure out because it’s both.

Russ: hmm.

Bunny: to perceive and see is… perceive and see is coming with experience and learning, it is something that you have to be patient in recognizing.

Russ: hmm.

Laura: hmm.

Bunny: uh-huh yeah, pretty much so.

Laura: oh.

Russ: can't you guys verbalize? I've got to write this this stuff on tape, I’ve got a type this out at some point when I get this back and all I got is this like is silence and an answer.

Skip: I love it.

Russ: you and Treebeard make my life very hard on these tapes I'll tell you.

Bunny: uh-huh.

Laura: got to use your third eye.

Russ: apparently so.

Laura: yeah, you’ve got to pick up the waves of the thoughts of the others.

Bunny: uh-huh.

Russ: in a month when I hear this back, I can’t wait.

Bunny: it is called cheating.

Russ: I know.

Bunny: yeah it is, honest.

Russ: uh-huh.

Bunny: uh-huh, it facilitates…..God I sound like my great uncle that’s sitting next to me getting a good chuckle out of things. It's good to see him…..

Skip: I'll bet he is.

Bunny: uh-huh.

Skip: I’ll bet he is.

Bunny: Skip he is about 780 something and that’s all he says is that he’s 780 something.

Russ: wow.

Bunny: uh-huh, even by our standards he is getting up in years. Actually I’ve got the impression in the transmission he gave me he’s lying.

(everyone laughs)

Bunny: I will save that for a later time, it’s the battle of the youth versus the ancient and decrepit.

Skip: decrepit?

Bunny: hey, he's getting on in years.

Skip: that doesn’t make him decrepit.

Bunny: I’m trying to goad him, God.

Russ: as I understand it, when you both got together here over at the apartment, you guys had a staring contest for a little while......

Bunny: uh-huh.

Russ you both were trying to get within each other shields.

Bunny: uh-huh.

Russ: who won?

Bunny: nobody, it was a standoff.

Skip: it was a standoff huh?

Bunny: but I do know how to get around it.

Skip: okay then, then what’s happening to your population or your race is the same thing that’s happening to ours.

Bunny: uh-huh, pretty much so.

Skip: the younger people are getting educated quicker.

Bunny: actually we learn as a race, Sirius, we learn at a far, far higher rate.

Skip: yes.

Bunny: from what I've looked at and analyzed, my educational level is that of your high dons and professors at your educational facilities. That for us is basic education.

Skip: uh-huh. What I was trying to say Bunny, in comparison….

Bunny: uh-huh.

Skip: with…..okay I’m going to use myself for instance because I always do this. I’m old in my world okay? My grandson is getting education faster…..

Bunny: uh-huh.

Skip: and more thorough than I did…..

Bunny: no, it’s not more thorough.

Skip: then when I was his age.

Bunny: yeah, it’s not more thorough. Ask him the questions that you took on your…..I think it was tenth year…'s when you were ten summers old, you took some questions at your school, ask him those questions.

Skip: hmm.

Russ: anyway, have you put aside your other career?

Bunny: no, still doing that, still making holos.

Russ: excellent.

Bunny: still dancing.

Russ: excellent, any performances while you’re on base?

Bunny: only private ones.

Russ: ahh (to the others), she’s a dancer also, put on quite a good show one time for the Corner Bar.

Bunny: uh-huh.

Russ: it was the rage.

Bunny: hey, I enjoy life.

Russ: excellent.

Bunny: yeah, that’s part of my fun.

Russ: so have you talked to Lyka lately?

Bunny: uh-huh, I talked to her yesterday before she went off to play with her soldiers.

(Skip starts laughing)

Bunny: well it’s better than what I was going to say. Okay I’ll say it, she was going off to play with her privates.

(now everyone starts laughing as well)

Russ: very well done.

Bunny: well, you guys wanted the answer so I gave you it as it is, she’s off playing with her privates. Actually the impression I got is that it’s all a front for her to select for the cross country team.

Russ: ahh, well hopefully she’ll have enough snow up there to do so.

Bunny: oh yeah, they're…….

Russ: didn't you used to to be at the races this year too?

Bunny: actually it clashes with the festival of fish.

Russ: oh bummer.

Bunny: uh-huh.

Russ: are you going to go catch some fish?

Bunny: yeah, I want to actually succeed this year.

Russ: you haven’t succeeded yet?

Bunny: no, I’m going to have another bash at it.

Russ: for explanation sakes, the festival of the fish is where.........she’s from a family that lives by the ocean?

Bunny: uh-huh.

Russ: and one of the things that determines going into adult status if I remember right?

Bunny: well it’s kind of actually now it’s more something that’s archaic.

Russ: it’s traditional….

Bunny: traditional and somebody…..every year somebody…..


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