Daniel; Weíre going to discuss tonight planetary spiritual growth and understanding the necessary fulfilmentís of certain obligations of the past and the future. Understand that actions in the past affect the future. The affects of groups of individuals that have inflicted harm and spiritual damage on a mass group affects the whole entire growing process. These talks are designed to heal those spiritual rifts and damage. The idea is that by bringing all the individuals involved in these situations together in one place through the medium of the internet gives us the supreme opportunity to develop a growth and understanding. OK, now the second part, the important part. It is my honour and duty as Daniel of Hades Base to welcome all the races that are involved within these discussions at this time to this discussion on how we should proceed with the evolutionary discussions for the planet earth. This is not the actual discussion and conference itself. This is the discussion on the points that we will talk about. As a representative of Hades Base it my honour to welcome all of the esteemed races to this discussion. We are hoping that all the races involved will be able to achieve a harmonic and beneficial discourse that will be able to benefit all the races involved whatever their form and whatever their viewpoints. We open the discussion by saying that we hope to achieve an objective and a goal that will satisfy the spiritual growth that is crying from all the races involved. All those beings that have in the past caused suffering or have had suffering caused upon them are forgiven. It is in the past but the past cannot be forgot. It must be addressed and that is why we are having these discussions on what we will talk about in the conference ahead. It is my feeling having observed, that it would be beneficial for all parties to be able to communicate freely and speak their minds, not in veiled tongues or in obtuse comments or double meanings or entendres. It is my feeling it is important that we be open, honest and truthful. I welcome you here on behalf of Hades Base and the Sirians. Feel free to communicate as you wish fellow beings of intelligence.

Daniel; Do you have any questions?
Russ; How do these talks affect the growth of all those races involved?
Daniel; These talks have never happened before. By getting everybody together weíre opening that opportunity.
Russ; One question on your comments on how people are forgiven, this was dealing with the various groups that have held others back?
Daniel; Yes. Itís not so much forgiving the people that held them back, but those that held them back forgiving themselves as well as those they held back.
Russ; So in essence the past is forgotten and nothing has taken place?
Daniel; No, not quite. We take into consideration what has taken place in the past. We put that to one side and we put it on hold because the past does play a very important part in the future.
R; This is on a karmic cycle?
Daniel; Not necessarily a karmic cycle but a chain of events. One thing leads to another and another and so on. Yes there is a karmic side to it but totally unrelated is the chain event.
R; It is unavoidable I take it?
Daniel; Yes. When you fail to properly think out what happens in your decisions then you create a new chain. You see, when you start to think of something of major importance, there are many different options and all options have to be taken into consideration as well as all the facts involved and all the actions that are possible from those.
R; Well the problem as I see it on third dimension is defining sometimes what is a major importance. Oftentimes something that looks completely benign and simple can cause major repercussions. I have always felt that everything is set in a perfect pattern and all actions meant to happen for a reason that are leading forward into the future?
Daniel; Yes and no. You have to realise that actions create events. When you make an action you have to be aware of what is possible to come. Something that seems trivial and insignificant could have serious ramifications. Iíll give you an example. In the fourteen hundreds of your planet in Italy I believe, a city stole a bucket. An oak bucket that had supposedly served some important function in the city that they had stolen the bucket from. They went to war over it. Eight years later, the bucket was destroyed and both cities were in pretty much bad condition. A trivial incident where a bucket was stolen, and it wasnít even stolen, somebody had actually taken by accident. Trivial.
R; Well these things are definitely important to know before heading into these talks.
Daniel; That is why I said we should speak openly and clearly.
R; But hereís the other side of the coin. If we analyse every event no matter how trivial, we stop make trivial decisions because we canít make any decisions at all?
Daniel; You are quite correct. The best thing is, if in doubt, donít do it.
R; Thank you. Good advice and handy in that while we have a future that may look quite challenging, there is quite a bit of hope there with the upcoming consciousness change.
Daniel;  Oh yes, most certainly and certainly your planet is looking towards a most uncertain future. Now I have to make way for the next speaker. Do you have any more questions?
R; No, thank you for coming.
Daniel; My pleasure, good night.

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