Part 2

The Second Arising

Channeled From the Records of Sirius by Kiri 10-24-1995

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    Research shows, that in the second arising, there was still trouble within the race. The 144,000, that have now walked the planet, were a new gene pool and they have walked and spread throughout the land. At first they could not give birth to children. Many of the women carried children, but they did not go to full term; which was rather sad and unfortunate. They realized that they had work to do before they could give birth to children. They had to clear the land and construct cities according to the laws of nature. They tried to contact (by using their minds) their sister worlds, for they weren't quite sure what was going on. Sarra, was the name of the lady known as the wise one, and she spent a lot of time within the pyramid. She was the first to give birth, in which she had a son. He grew very rapidly, which was strange. He also spent a lot of time in the Great Pyramid. A big city growing up around it, but none of the buildings were as high as the Great Pyramid, for that was forbidden. One day, when he was only ten years old, he climbed the Great Pyramid, which was also forbidden. He got all the way to the top capstone and he sat on it, scratched it, and talked to it; but it did not answer him. It was getting late in the day, and he started to climb down. As he was climbing down, his hand went through the capstone, and the rest of him followed; for a long period of time he slept within the capstone. There was much searching for him, for he was the only child at the time. Needless to say, they could not find him. While he slept, a lot of strange things started to happen throughout the land. Visitors from other worlds came and asked questions of who they were, where they had come from, and were they ready. The last question was the most confusing, for they did not know what the strangers meant by ''Were they ready?'' Of course they were ready or they wouldn't have been there. Many of them answered that they were ready for whatever was thrown at them, but they still had lessons to learn. Lessons to work together, for all the people there still lived in their own little tribes. There were the ''dark skinned'' who lived and worked when it was hot. There were the ''pale skinned'' that lived and worked when it was dark. And the more dominant ''pink skinned'' who worked whenever they felt like it; but they tilled the land as well. And the questions became more prevalent, ''Were they ready?'' Ready for what? They did not know. They still did not know where they were. They knew they were on Sirius, but they did not know where.

    Then one evening, a light shone from the top of the Great Pyramid. A bright light that radiated the outside of the entire pyramid. In a body still that of a child, down came the son of Sarra. That night strange things happened. In a period of nine months, the answers to questions started to come. There were many children born after these nine months, and they had the answers. They grew and became of mature age and they learned the wisdom; the knowledge that was within the Great Pyramid that was held from them deliberately. They still didn't know where they were. They remembered that that where it all begins is the third dimension, but there are more dimensions. They hypothesized if they were in the fourth dimension, and they realized they were not for time was following a linear line. They asked ''Were they in the fifth dimension?'' But they realized that too can not be. They asked ''Were they in the sixth dimension?'' This was very possible, because it was a paradox.

    The three tribes grew in great magnitude, and they reached the magic numbers for each tribe. The three tribes each arrived at this number at the same time. Except now it is 144,000 X 3. That is when the changes started to happen. The hundred and forty four thousand started to mingle. No longer were they the ''pink skinned'' or the ''dark skinned'' or the ''pale skinned''. But they all blended together. Those that remained are now looked at with respect. The 144,000 of each tribe became great explorers of their land. They became powerful in their minds. Then, from the 144,000, of that number, the first one was born.
    His mind was very powerful but he had problems. All of his mind fired all of the connecting points, 144,000 worked. He could think and move rocks of great size with his mind. He could see from a great distance, from one side of the planet to the other; and far beyond. He could touch somebody and cause pain or cause pleasure. He could touch somebody's hurt and it was gone. He could make somebody sick or stand or smile or even drop dead with his mind. He could make things from nothing, from the air or from the ground. He could make gold that was not there before. He was the first, but as I said, he had problems; severe problems beyond the imaginings of people. But before his problems happened, he was known as Tonar the Corrupt and the second for he took that name upon himself thinking of what had happened long ago; that he could create a race so pure to dominate all of the sixth dimension. But the people did not want this. Using his mind, he tried to make them do as he would. But before his plans reached fruition, his mind spared everybody from what he had planned and he sunk away within himself. Time passed and his body faded, but he had left a legacy; a daughter that was called Sarra the 2nd and she had many children and healed the hurts that had happened. From her children, came the great houses: The House of La, The House of Tawn, The House of Maxxis, The House of Tanaxa, The House of Hill, The House of Tal, and so on. They all became houses of power and importance for each house had the first of the new race, with all the abilities; but it was not constant.

    This is from the records of the family of Tanaxa, and it starts in the sixth millennia after Sarra the 2nd; and it states that the last of the new race was born. A time of healing was needed for all the people of the house. The house had grown powerful and mighty. It had not grown this way through corruption and foul deeds, but through love and work on the land. But, with all things that grow to great size, it is necessary for it to shrink back to a seed.

    There was not a son or an heir born within that time. It got to the point where it became of great concern to the head of the house that if there was not a son born soon of his, then the family would die. He made a new law for the family and plead with the members of the council, and with the other houses. He grew old and he knew that if he could not father soon a son, that it would be the end of the house. He pleaded and pleaded and it fell upon deaf ears. In his great age (his 900th year) he pleaded for the last time for a new deed, which was for a lady to be his heir. So, he adopted his own youngest daughter, and she was fair and beautiful. He felt it would be a great sin, but it was not frowned upon rather it was smiled. Because the family had dwindled to just her and her three sisters and her father. In his deathbed, she took one of his testes and preserved it. She worked and found a way to rejuvenate it to its once youth; and with it she became a mother of his son. She learned a great lesson: No longer was inbreeding a bad thing, it could be good. She gave birth to a son that became powerful and strong. She helped to re-grow the tree that had withered so badly. The tree branched into many branches and entwined and weaved throughout the land. One day a daughter was born. She went to the Great Pyramid asking for wisdom and knowledge for she had kept her body pure of all men. She went within and she asked for wisdom and knowledge; and a voice said ''come up, come up'' and she went up within. She slept within the hidden capstone door that had been hidden, for no one else could find it. She slept there for a long time. When she awoke, she had changed beyond belief. Her body was the same, but her mind was powerful and she swore off men for the rest of her life. She would never bear a child of a man. She took a new name for herself; Sarra the 3rd she was called, but she was not pronounced queen or empress of any kind for she would not want that.

    When she died, it was found that her mind had fired on all the numbers that were needed. She had written many great works, and in her memory, it became law that all librarians of the Great Pyramid of knowledge and wisdom throughout the land would not know men until their bodies were ready. In that number from now until then, there had been 144,002. Kiri is that last librarian until the next.

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