Letter From The Editors
For September of 2019

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   If there is a common denominator that all human beings share it is a fear of something. Whether that fear involves, health, death, money, job, family, friends, home or the world, all of those make up the bulk of our existence and have a priority in how we perceive the world. Weíll address each of them in groups of two representing the first four faces of fear to understand how they govern our lives if we let them. Born of necessity from the earliest roots of our evolution, fear is often the prison holding us back from our true potential. Thus, the child of that necessity constantly seeks a utopia free of fear where the outside world with its chaos and corporations can be kept at bay. Sometimes people will turn to drugs, relationships or impulsive purchases to achieve temporary utopias which end up causing new fears of losing those attachments. Meditation, mind games and a confident attitude can also be employed when facing fear but what is desired is a life free of fear a hundred percent of the time. To get there, letís look at the landscape facing the student of life. Lessons are given because the student is ready for those lessons regardless of the outcome. If they must be repeated, time is irrelevant and all of lifeís lessons are like that, they evolve as the student evolves. Bringing you those lessons are the first four faces of fear.

   Health and death is the first face, first because it affects us the most in the decisions that are made. The fear of one over the other can vary depending on the age group of the person or what one is doing as an activity. Either can prevent us from living life to its fullest and fearing both at once can paralyze sensible thought, bring on depression and trigger a worst-case scenario. Trying to overcome a fear of health or death is like trying to think of nothing, the less you try to think of something the more it comes to mind. Acceptance is the key to overcoming this face, accepting our status as infinite beings with an insatiable desire to find out the next lesson replacing the fear of that lesson itself. The face of money and jobs is about economics and the fear of not having enough wealth or losing that which has been accumulated. Even a person living on the street fears losing all their worldly possessions. Maintaining a job or finding a job can bring fears all their own along with worrying about the politics of a work environment once a job has been found. Then there is the fear of getting through retirement and enjoying the times planned during the productive years of oneís life. Are the dreams of knocking out a bucket list or seeing the world still an option? Life has a plan, a plan that requires trust in the knowledge that nothing happening at any one moment is meant for anyone but ourselves. Money, therefore, is a tool with the real life savings being the lessons that come out of how we use that tool. Opportunities to enrich oneself either consciously or financially are a result of the lessons needing to be learned.

   Friends and family and the fear of the judgment of others is the third face of fear. This one is pervasive in times when the lessons require the help of the people who know us best and will remember the actions and words of the encounter. That is the key to this face of fear. The help they are providing, even if it comes in the form of an argument or judgment in the choices that determine our reality, it's working out karma that is lifetimes in the making as we assist each other to find a resolution. Lack of resolution just means there will be opportunities to relearn the lesson again in another life or later in this one. Finally, home and the world or better yet, what is personal and what is impersonal but could become personal depending on decisions out of our control. Wars, climate, and earthquakes, fires, floods, and famine. All of which could and do take place without any choice of ours as countries, business leaders and the planet set the stage for our education. As for home, that depends a lot on how well the previous three faces are handled. Staying healthy in a clean home kept up by a good job while being surrounded by those we love and who love us back makes the problems of the world fade into the background.

   The final face is the one that faces fear and smiles at the challenges of life as the fear of them passes like an island in a river. The word life itself is a misnomer because it isnít a life, itís learning experiences repeated endlessly through the process of reincarnation. Itís that kind of attitude needed to take on the other four faces without the kind of fear that can cripple the spirit and crush the soul. Everybody on the planet attends the same classroom seeing the same reality play out with everyone else. Itís the interactions with the other students and the personalized lesson plans which are the priorities of the self. Passing the class is easy, just show up and participate. Excelling at the class takes extra effort and, as with every school, itís the students who relish the challenges that get the best grades. This brings on the fear of failure and the only way to get around that is not to worry about failing. What is important is how the lessons play out in the immediate now because itís the attitude that brings success regardless of the results. Looking forward to what comes next attracts others also looking to learn how to no longer fear fear. What forms then is a study group that can exchange ideas, provide support and debate those ideas back and forth. Such groups could be the beginning of a movement of consciousness which grows as more groups form independently yet connected to one another through the web. At that point, fear has no choice but to take a back seat to hope.
In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra