Letter From The Editors

For October of 2020

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   In part two of the ascension journals, we went over the power of the mind. In part three, we’re going to explain how you can use that power to add some layers of protection in a world where it is sorely needed. The necessity of metal shielding was emphasized by Omal when we started lessons on what shielding was and why it precluded everything that was to follow almost as soon as the channeling sessions began back in 1992. Nearly thirty years of use has made me a believer in that reasoning after confirming they definitely work. Belief in mental shielding isn't required as that will come with experimentation when one finds a mental fortification in learning life's lessons comes in handy. Those lessons we’ll cover in this editorial include people who will intentionally or unintentionally drain you of energy, mental assaults, and coercive attempts. We’ll also go over energy conservation, the release of extra energy, and the various types of shielding that cover most situations of daily life. Many people talk about going to their happy place in times of stress but often must still cope with such situations without losing focus by escaping mentally. Shielding helps the mind become a happy place during those periods as problems are best processed from a calm, focused state. When the energies of multiple personalities fly back and forth in a heated conversation, little attention is paid to how they have a physical effect on the psyche. Mental shielding reinforces the aura to become a barrier to hostile waves of energy while maintaining a protected space from the storm of emotions. After they become an automatic extension of the consciousness, they provide a source of mental armor for a passive or active defense where you almost feel naked when you don't feel them around you.  

   So, what’s the point of setting up even a single mental shield and going through the daily practice of reinforcing it until it becomes automatic? There are three reasons. Have you ever been talked into something by a salesman only to realize buyer’s remorse for a hasty purchase? Have you ever been talking to someone and, the longer you kept up the conversation the more down you felt afterward, almost drained of energy? Finally, it’s election season and maybe the pull of the speaker’s charisma is all that is needed to make you want to vote for the person or proposition. All those examples involve energy of some sort. It might be a desire pushed on you, it might be an exchange of energies, it might be a coercive attempt designed to make you do something against your will. Mental shielding is exactly what helps with those possibilities and many more. Take for example times where there are large social gatherings. Conversations both non-verbal and verbal create a vibe in the air anyone who is sensitive can detect. Mental shielding is a way to maintain a personal vibration where one can always feel at ease. Have trouble falling to sleep at night? Shield exercises can take up the mental train of thought until it goes chugging along the tracks without you. Need help with your meditation? Enclosing oneself within the safe confines of a well-established shielding provides an ideal starting point to go into deeper mental exercises. Nearly three decades of shield use has allowed me to say that they have worked very well for me in the above situations and the lessons they have taught. With a major political season like no other finally getting more intense as we get closer to November, the chances to test out new shielding in such a highly charged area could never be greater. What an opportune time in history to be alive. 

   The definitive source of information on shielding comes from a dissertation of Omal’s we’ve added to the Center for Ascension which is suggested reading for anyone looking for where to begin. What we’ll do here is summarize what Omal discussed. Starting a shielding system begins with a bubble, in this case, a crystal bubble with the hardness of a crystal yet is extremely flexible. Any variation on this theme works but we must begin with an initial visualization. It should be able to compress tight to the body or extend out to about a foot or two. As Omal says in his dissertation, the aura soaks up energies like the magnetosphere protects our planet from the sun and we’re reinforcing that protection by adding a crystal shield around the aura. Now it’s a matter of making that automatic before moving on to more complicated shields. That involves the practice of imaging the shield around you whenever possible without any worries of how long the practice of it may take until you feel it surrounding you. Rushing shield construction can be a detriment in stressful situations which may lead to shields that take too long to construct and are of little help due to too many openings. More important is that each successive level of shielding feel as natural as putting on a new set of clothes. There are five additional levels of shielding beyond the initial shield. Level two adds a mirrored surface on the outside when needed to reflect directed coercion, or, on the inside to maintain your energy reserves as examples. Again, learning how to add either needs to become automatic. Level three comes with a second shield where both rotate in opposite directions. The reason for this is so energy directed at you needs to penetrate a surface that is always in motion and then have to do it again. Filling the space between the shields with a jelly or liquid makes penetrating them even harder. Level four shielding is all the above being able to be produced at a moment’s notice as well as adding a third shield or changing the shapes of your shields from a circle to something more complicated such as an octagon. The other levels can be found in Omal’s dissertation but just getting to level four would serve in most scenarios where shields are needed.

   On the higher dimensions, mental shielding would seem to be a waste of energy since none of the reasons for having them appear to exist. In actual fact, a well-established set of shields is as important there as it is here and the need for it was demonstrated by Karra in one of the 2018 archives. She described how she was at a formal dinner of six hundred attendees who had invited her to be a guest speaker. During her speech, she was peppered with telepathic questions and bombarded with thoughts as she described the experience. Upon her return to the base during out next channeling session I asked her how her shields had held up. She said they were getting a bit shaky at the end and what she was talking about was that, like most devices that use energy, shielding needs a power source and a ground. Energy lines extend from the crown chakra and draw in energy from higher sources if desired. What that source is depends on the shield creator. A connection is made and power is supplied. When there is an oversupply of energy, a grounding line extending from the root chakra is used to drain off any energy that isn’t needed. The grounding line can extend as deep into the ground as desired since anything else affecting the body negatively can be sent along with the excess energy. Those times when shields need to be employed means that both the energy and grounding lines are withdrawn to eliminate any openings in the shields. At that point, shielding relies on any stored energy. Trial and error bring on improvements and each new addition has its own sense of accomplishment. Honed from frequent refreshing until they become automatic, mental shielding has real-world benefits as seen in confrontations that have a different feel, stored energy may be on the increase, also a sense that there is less of a barrier in speaking to others. Think of it this way, our shields are a reinforcement of our aura and thus connected to them through our senses. Advanced shield users can extend the senses to perceive danger or the energy of others. If we could see auras and the colors of energies between people when that exchange happens, the world would be a more peaceful place such as on the higher dimensions.     

In love, light, and wisdom,

Russ and Karra