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For October of 2018

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In Three Parts- #1

   Members of the Galactic Federation such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians and Sirians have histories of their races that recount their timelines which led them to be the enlightened beings they are so we at the Hades Base News would like over the next few months to present much of the history of one of those races, the Sirians.
The Sirian Chronicles are not a set of tales but instead are a retelling of a saga that actually took place on a world very much like our own far back in the recesses of time. In our history, we have records that document the rise and fall of great civilizations based on their hieroglyphs, parchments or remaining books left by writers going back thousands of years. In contrast, the Sirian Chronicles go back hundreds of thousands of years but have been condensed for easy reading by Karra and myself along with the help of her sister Kiri. In a recent podcast, Kiri spoke of being a librarian of Sirius which needs clarification of what she meant by her statement as Sirius is quite a long way from Mars which is where the base is located. What her position actually could be called is the head librarian of Sirius which is a position granted by birthright as opposed to working her way up the line in a library. As head librarian, she was able to present the Chronicles in their entirety during several channeling sessions including one where she presented the story of how the family Tanaka that Karra and herself were a part of was created. They lay out the history of Sirius from its time as a third dimensional planet all the way through its ascension to a higher dimension over 150,000 years ago. The chronicles of our planet can be found in any history book or on the web but here for the first time in the form of three editorials are the Chronicles of Sirius.

   The Chronicles center around two men named Tonar and three women named Sarra during an earlier time in the planetís past that wouldnít be too far removed from the current state of our planet now. The periods leading up to this point are not covered in the Chronicles but by this time there was a well-established society which was flourishing. Two differences from our world today were the development of the mind's powers which were considered important enough to be encouraged in their development and the creation of sister worlds through colonization. We enter the Chronicles at what was called the first age of the second millennium prior to the arising on the southern continent ruled by a great lord known as Maktow the Magnificent. Maktow had three sons, two of which were removed by the third whose name was Tonar. Acts like that had earned him the title Tonar the Evil and he built himself a vast temple complex rivaling anything that had been constructed since or prior his arising to power. He established a great state based totally on the hierarchy of slavery but in the 10th season of his reign decided to build a mortuary shrine for himself. He gathered a vast wealth to make it happen and upon his death was entombed within. The Daughters of Tonar started off as priestesses under his sway but now after his death sought to increase their influence so they amassed a great army to invade areas to the North and to the West. There was much bloodshed, sadness and hurt done by them as well as to the land itself. They carved out a great empire, worshiping and behaving as if Tonar was still alive. To them he not within his tomb but the leader of their great bureaucracy they had established. Also at this time, there was a tribe of great ambition that had been suppressed by Tonar until his death who now arose and gathered strength. They were unique in that they did not use violence as a weapon but a new weapon they were learning which was the weapon of the mind. They had been ruthlessly crushed and beaten by Tonar so they had moved further into the desert to became the Servants of Truth, Light, and Wisdom. Not yet ready in their full abilities, they waited for the right moment to reveal themselves.
More time passed and the tribe that was in the deep desert used that time to further their abilities and minds until they were fully perfected and set to use those abilities. Abilities such as the power of coercion where they could control the minds of others and one in which they were highly skilled. With their ability to control people they amassed an army of 144,000 men and women to work together as one mind. They marched upon the capital and using their minds, subdued the Daughters of Tonar through acts of horror that they committed upon their enemies. Deeply repentant, they decided the mind was too powerful as one and no one should live with the deed they had done as a mind. The Chronicles say that they chose to die as one, as a body would die and there was such a great sadness that the sun wept blood as they died. Their children had learned by their lesson and in the memory of their parents was built a great temple. They laid a block of stone of very great size for each and on every block was carved the name of that person who had died. They were laid at a rate of one a day with a great ceremony held during the time of setting each in place. The records say it took a total of 144,000 days to complete until at last the mind of the leader of the rebellion was set to shine from the capstone. With the laying of that last block, a great light radiated out to become a wonder of the land and is still a wonder of the land. Time passed and all was forgotten except for the records that were kept within.

   The land changed and became unbearable to live in but for some strange reason that was not understood at the time the great shrine came alive. The rocks had stayed perfectly true to the point where lasers could not penetrate nor could a way be found to get inside. They gave the structure the strange name of pyramid because it had many sides and it was said you could listen and hear the heartbeat within. Throughout this time they had not totally forgotten why it had been built and had advanced far in the use of the mind to a point where they were now the gods they had once worshiped. More time passed and the structure was covered in sand. The people moved away and over the ages and it became a time of death all throughout the land but for those who survived, they became even more powerful in their mind. Holes meanwhile had started to form in the atmosphere due to the sun entering a new phase and people's skin had begun to blister. Those that remained learned to accept what was coming knowing that wisdom and knowledge were the key that they had been seeking. By now there were many sister worlds so a great exodus took place to reach that goal and on each of the worlds they went, they built the memory of the pyramid seeking the knowledge they had lost. Earth was one of those worlds where a utopia was planned but they brought the disease of dissension with them. On Sirius, more people began to die and disappear, their bodies never to be seen except as shadows on the land. At this point, the people moved back to the continent where the pyramid was located seeking knowledge and wisdom. They had grown much in the mindís ability, especially one girl. It was she who penetrated the pyramid with her mind where she saw the 144,000 minds within and also that they were now within her mind. Through them, she found the door that had been hidden and was able to penetrate it with the help of her followers seeking its wisdom and knowledge. Just as she passed through the portal she disappeared into nothing, leaving what happened next to be completed in the second part of The Sirian Chronicles.     

Part two will be presented in next monthís editorial but if you would like to know ahead of time what happened or would like to read the exact wording in Kiriís own words from the July 2013 podcast, here is a direct link:


In love and light as one.

Russ and Karra