Letter From The Editors
For November of 2019

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   A room, a goal, some clues and a time limit. All of these are elements of your typical escape room, an exercise in team-building while working to find the correct way through a puzzle that has been laid out for the participants to solve. They are also the elements of an analogy for the planet and its future regarding a goal, some clues and a time limit. The room for this analogy is the world we live in and interact with the other members of our team of puzzle solvers in real-time. The goal of the escape room is to ascend to the next higher dimension before the time runs out using clues found throughout the room in the form of experiences and learning. Once time expires, a harder room is entered with a new time limit that if missed leads to the hardest room of all. The first roomís time limit is ten years away to the year 2030, the second roomís time limit is another twenty years to the year 2050 and the last roomís time limit is fifty years from then to the year 2100. These time limits are not set in stone but are recognized by the scientific community as milestones for the planet in how it will be affected by the changing climate once a number of thresholds are exceeded. Many people in power wear blinders to the effects the destruction of the environment is causing on our way of life so we must take an honest assessment of the inevitable outcome facing humanity should countries keep blaming other countries for the fault of all. Nothing in the following rooms is to be feared because we have already signed the release form long before entering knowing the risks but also knowing we have an advantage. Our advantage is the desire to get free of the room so we will be constantly searching for clues. If anyoneís getting out of here itís going to be us.  


   This by far is the easiest room of the three and yet also the hardest. Itís the easiest due to the condition of the room and the hardest because there is little interest in leaving with all the distractions designed to entice us away from finding the clues to escape. Eat, Drink and be Merry is the name of this room and many get so caught up in the theme that they may have better luck in the second room when the pressure to leave is upped. Even wanting to get out means facing a myriad of paths and finding one to commit to is almost impossible. Exploring each can often be what works best but time is at a premium so what motivation could be used for the participant to accept the challenge and make a determined effort to escape? Well, the one rule is that no matter the difficulty of the room, no one gets out alive. The only way out is by dying and to either try again in another room with different challenges or by moving on to the next dimension. This is where those beings already on the next dimension can help. Websites abound with higher dimensional knowledge and advice. Finding some that blend the best of many races seeking to help the planet is just a matter of research. Ten years remain before everyone changes rooms and circumstances become even more compelling. That is plenty of time to avoid the streaming rivers of reruns, the social media maze, the friends and family fear zone and the vicious news cycles. Instead, a period of calm is needed every day for however long can be arranged to meditate or study websites that increase the consciousness. Heading into the next room with that kind of preparation will also increase our chances of taking that study to the next level.


   Room two comes with the year 2030 and along with the new room come new challenges. Chief among these is the crossing of the two-degree increase in warming since the beginning of the industrial age. Basically, multiply the incidences of wild weather now being experienced and you get an idea of what humanity may face in this room. This is by no means a doomsday scenario and what is coming is meant to happen. The heatwaves, mass die-offs, droughts, floods, and famine are possibly the conditions of room two. They are also the kind of conditions that develop psychic muscles out of the necessity to have some personal way to change those conditions. All kinds of options are open to seekers of change and people who feel powerless will often seek out that power where it can be found. This is when the human mind is rediscovered to be an untapped well just waiting to be recognized. The training to access that power will still be mostly found on the web though teachers will emerge as needed because there will be a need. During these twenty years, this room will determine the fate of mankind. Now once again the question comes down to do we do it by ourselves or choose to get guidance from beings already on the next dimension? Choosing the later just takes acceptance from a greater proportion of the planet that not only do other beings besides humans exist but that they are already a large part of our reality. More people to accept that we live in a world inside another world when considering the fact that our skies are constantly patrolled by higher dimensional beings to ensure our development as an enlightened race is not prevented. Acceptance as well that the galaxy has a structure and we are an important part of the races making up that structure. That acceptance will hopefully lead to exploring the limits of that untapped mind and a re-balancing of the moral structure of society that encourages family unity, healing of the planet and the exploration of those mental limits. Itís at that point the world would be ready for room three.


   Itís 2050 as the world enters this escape room and, assuming no miraculous corporate, private or government intervention has prevented the planet from exceeding the four percent increase in warming that scientists have predicted, the weather changes seen on a planet-wide level are unable to be explained away or ignored. Coastlines and island chains begin to take the full brunt of climate change which forces more people to move inland. Progressing from the scenario in escape room two would see a unity beginning to form between friends and strangers along with a working relationship with others from higher dimensions. Now the human race can begin in earnest to combat the problems of the past and build towards a brighter future. From that alliance comes a planet living in harmony and able to face any of the challenges amid the reality that there is no escaping the Earth, only the room. Itís hard to say who now living will see the end of room three in 2100 or what is to come after that. Itís also hard to predict which of the infinite number of possibilities besides the one above will actually take place. Room one is set and the puzzle begins. So in accepting the challenge, the participant must solve the challenge of how to get from one dimension to the next using as many lives as it takes to get there, bypassing all distractions standing in the way and, possibly a lack of teammates to help find clues. We would not have chosen this incarnation without a plan in place ahead of time to get out and that is the first clue to escaping. It then becomes a matter of spotting the other clues we have hidden for ourselves which leads to the knowledge meant to be found when it suddenly appears. After that, it begins to get easier and we may start showing others the same clues we discovered. In the end, the best-case scenario of escape room three may not be the fantasy it seems now.    
In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra