Letter From The Editors
For May of 2020

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   Up until now, the farthest planet man has set foot on is Mars. The only reason that has happened is due to those humans who had been rescued by Ashtar Command from the craft that had abducted them and brought to Hades Base because their injuries were too severe. Our own forays into space have been as if our space program was quarantined and had to do all of its explorations remotely. Were the trillions spent on military procurement spent on space exploration and social issues, it would be enough to establish a presence on planets other than our own and resolve many of the problems faced by millions each day. Humanity becoming united enough to explore the mysteries of space seems a long way off due to nationalist priorities and in fact may never take place in our lives but our desire to reach the stars is shared among most of the races in the galaxy. During the time of Atlantis, ships from the planet Sirius would drop off and take on supplies and colonists for the civilization they had established there. Those supply runs ended long before the end of Atlantis and our ancestors who were part of the Atlantean population, and who survived along with the Atlantean colonists, may have known of their origins. Our rapid evolution of flight is a testament to our desire to explore the final frontier and in the two hundred and forty years since man first left the ground, we have already stepped foot on the moon, sent probes to other planets, and out beyond the galactic boundary. The challenges to extend our presence onto other planets are too many to contemplate and seem trivial to the challenges being faced here on Earth but the rewards of a unified planet set to explore space together as one are immense. We have already seen in “Star Trek” the results of a fictional United Federation of Planets so let’s take a look at the real thing to know what awaits us in the future.

   Cobbling together the information provided throughout the channeling sessions and from what Karra can confirm, there are two separate groups who provided the channeled information that make up the archives, those who are from Sirius and those who are of Ashtar Command. The reason we are dividing them is based on the scale of the operations of both as it is known. The two often work together in their help bringing planets up to the next dimension after the third. Humanity is just one race getting that assistance out of many though we have the benefit of receiving help from both groups. That help is coordinated through Hades Base who ensures our path to ascension remains a natural one without any physical interference from races who do not have our best interests in mind. The guidance provided comes through channeling groups around the globe who establish a connection with those teachers working out of the base’s channeling rooms. The teachers and other base personnel arrive on the base via the transport ships of Sirius which are also used to bring the members of the Sirian Defense Force to those planets where they are needed. Traveling from their dimension to the third, the Defense Force is sent to the daughter worlds of Sirius where they uphold Sirius’ oath to that planet’s race. In each case, those being helped are facing an opposition that will end their spiritual growth and the Oath Keepers of the Sirian Defense Force are there to establish balance. On world after world, they risk their lives in their commitment to the greater good. Sirius itself is a peaceful planet as can be heard from its inhabitants featured in the channeling sessions with the only exception being Lyka, who is actually in the Sirian Defense Force. They are explorers, scientists, and philosophers with a deep love of all life. Like us, they seek to expand the limits of their knowledge and use their technology to help in that endeavor. Unlike us, they do it as a unified planet with a single president and a Council that is representative of the planet’s population. Their exploration ships range throughout the galaxy much as the crew of the "Enterprise" did seeking to go where no Sirian has gone before. Fiction is fun but reality is way more relatable.

   Ashtar Command is different in its function and we bring it up this week in honor of our latest channeling session where we meet Under Officer Taal for the first time, a pilot based on Hades Base who would one day become Wing Commander Taal. He is part of the unseen help we receive in our skies very rarely witnessed except in some blurry photographs or videos. During our conversation with him in this month's podcast, we learn a lot about the types of ships they used back when the session was taped in the 90s plus some of the types of visitors we get on this planet. That includes those they try to prevent who slip past their patrols despite their best efforts. As we heard from Karra in the channeling session posted in March, it would be easy for Ashtar Command to prevent any mass landings or an invasion by another race against our will and speaks volumes to the number of resources that would be committed to the mission. With that kind of reputation, there is little chance of the human race's ascension being interrupted by anyone other than its own fault for any number of reasons so let’s look at what we know of the ships of Ashtar Command operating elsewhere beyond the fleet needed for the above scenario. We’ve heard of the many city-ships that have visited the base so what is a city-ship? The proper name would be a ship of cities as there are cities within cities on just one ship as Wing Commander Taal described once. Many city-ships travel throughout the galaxy providing platforms where various races and civilizations can come together in a peaceful environment though not on this dimension. Then there are the research ships, colony ships, and transports as the members of Ashtar Command do their part to ascend to the next dimension much in the same way as ourselves. Growth of consciousness never ends, it just changes classrooms.

   Back here on solid ground, humanity seems centuries away from taking our place among the galactic civilizations as equal citizens. If that were the case though, we wouldn’t be receiving the kind of help we are from multiple sources of information coming in from those civilizations to the people of this planet in the form of channelings. A quick browser search will bring up right away channeled information from the Pleiadian race, the Arcturian race, or the Galactic Federation. Ashtar Command can be found in several locations besides the Hades Base News while individuals from many dimensions higher than the third can be heard from the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. We are not alone and each of those races and beings is trying to remind us of that fact. I was asked recently what I would take away from this global pandemic that I would count as a positive and it would have to be that what happens to one country affects all the rest. If this is what it takes to point out that no country is an island, except of course those countries that are islands, then all the better. Unity during a time of crisis along with the sharing of information and supplies appears to be an important lesson the world may learn one day. During these weeks and months where populations have sheltered in place, it has brought out the best and worst in people when it comes to hoarding of essential goods and heroes stepping up where needed to maintain some semblance of normal existence. It has also brought a silver lining in that people, while they have been stuck indoors, have found time to research subjects that they normally wouldn’t pursue and the environment has had a chance to take a breather as it were. As social media has grown throughout the years, lightworkers have always said they were being prepared for when they are needed and no matter the life, no one has seen a need more than now. We can only grow as a race to join the other races of the galaxy by maintaining that light through our individual efforts, by being shining examples of how to come through this important time of history as a better people and race than when it began, and that we can help one another unselfishly. That will be a large part of what will determine whether we are ready to work together for the betterment of the planet.

With love, light, and wisdom as one.

Russ and Karra.