Letter From The Editors
For May of 2018

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Ready Player One

   Life is a gift that is too often underappreciated to a point where a decision made that seems innocuous turns out to be the one where the gift is taken away. In an effort to highlight the seriousness of life, we here at the Hades Base News have made a game out of it which we hope will make the experience more enjoyable and give your decisions clearer focus. The whole game lasts twenty-four hours and you win by waking up the next morning to find yourself ready for a fresh game after making the decisions you did that got you there. But winning isn't the only objective of the game, the feeling of waking up a winner gets the day started on the right foot and puts you in a successful frame of mind. Another objective of the game is the knowledge revealed from the lessons experienced in the time between waking up and falling asleep. The more lessons learned, the more games that are won and the more games that are won brings advancing to the next level of play called ascension that much closer. You the player though are only concerned with the game of the day and the moment at hand using a game plan consisting of a set of impeccable actions with well-thought-out decisions made to win through to the next day. Extra points are awarded for any actions directed towards a lifeís purpose that has been established or is in the process of being put into motion. Out of all this comes a perspective on staying alive that makes the experience the fun itís meant to be and not the slog it can become.

The Preparation Period

    Preparation for this game began long before birth during the waiting period between lives where there is no entry onto the playing field without detailed plans on how to grow consciously from one life to the next no matter how long that life might last. You meet the key players in that life to come during this time and since souls travel in groups, it makes organizing crucial intersections a simple matter as so many in the soul group incarnate around the same time frame. While it may seem like an amazing coincidence that just the right group of individuals could be in your revolving world of friends, family and acquaintances yet nowhere else on the planet, it's actually no coincidence at all and each have important functions where they will come and go throughout your life in their roles as your teachers or students or both. Events as well are set in motion during this period which are designed to affect you in ways beneficial for your growth and at every point in the process you are one of the main developers of your life. The planned elements you have put in place should have the desired effects but still, nothing is for certain and the best laid plans so on and so forth. It is your ability to learn from what you experience as fast as your reaction time allows which gets you through the game. The key players have been entering the playing field on schedule and the events have been going the way they are supposed to with the result being the person you have become. Now, knowing the players and the layout, do the following days played as games become a game changer going forward? Remember, there is only winning and learning, you can't lose and there are no wrong decisions but there are a few rules.

Learning the Rules.

   Every game has its rules and life is no different. This game has only four so itís not that complicated and the rules are really just guidelines that can or cannot spell success for every game. Rule one is to identify the key players, those people who are expected to have the most expected impact in that dayís game. What can happen between you was probably planned long in advance of your interaction even if it is someone totally new from way back when. Rule two, do what needs to be done to ensure as many games are won as possible. This rule covers everything eaten or taken in as a liquid throughout the day, medications legal or not, exercise or lack thereof and decisions made that could affect your ability to make it to the finish line once you open your eyes the next day. Rule three is that past games can be replayed when a decision needs to be made but not be relived in slow motion to a point they are in control of your game. Your best and worst moments are behind you and the lessons they imparted are now the playbook to use. You can also design new plays based on the dayís scheduled events and see them as successful ahead of time to begin the process of bringing that reality into being. Rule four, have fun. What was said at the beginning about life being a gift holds true, each day is a gift you open that spreads into hours which breaks down into minutes and further into seconds. How those seconds are enjoyed depends on the decision to enjoy them to exclusion of all other options. A playerís rules may be completely different from those above but thatís the beauty of the game, itís as individual as the player.    

Play Begins.

   Play begins in earnest when it is played with the goal of winning thatís day game as well as accomplishing something with substance if possible. Approach meetings with people in a mindset of re-establishing a friendship which could bring about knowledge and lessons. Make that a game within a game where you try to determine if they were a parent personality, a boss or employee personality, sibling, soulmate or something else from your past lives and use that knowledge to form a bond which encourages further exploration. A job or school that is played impeccably is no longer a drag on your time, it is instead assigned missions where you begin to challenge your attention to detail to do the best you are able. Play with a partner if possible who can be a teammate in ways that lead to the advancement of both players. The shared experience a better experience as each supports the otherís goals and provides a safe environment to explore higher thoughts and actions together. Be prepared for loss, members of your team will not always be there the whole game but you can be pretty sure you will have future lives with them and the time spent now will be an important factor when you meet again. In the end, it all comes down to strategy to keep winning game after game. The knowledge you acquire makes it easier establish a strategy as early in the day as possible and while no game ever goes according to plan, some preparation will serve when a quick decision is required. From there it's up to the player to determine how the game is played. We hope this outline above provides the framework on which the Game Master within can provide the remaining details to make each game a work of art. The most important advice we can give is to play like your life depends on it, the last thing you want to do is take that life for granted.

In love and light as one.

Russ and Karra