Letter From The Editors
For March of 2018

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   The channeling sessions that make up these podcasts posted monthly are a labor of love between Mark, myself and all the members of Ashtar Command who spoke on them. From their humble beginning of just two guys trying new ways to explore the possibilities of astral projection, they grew to become an archive of higher dimensional knowledge from a most remarkable experiment. It took place one night in 1992 when Mark and I recorded his first astral travel trip to the base after I suggested he try to follow a ship there. Once he passed through the roof of where we were living, he saw one hovering above us and it showed him the way to where Kiri was waiting his arrival. The best we could afford at the time was a Radio Shack portable tape deck where the sound from those recordings had the background noise of the tape heads and were thus unsuitable for the current archives. It wasn’t until 1995 that we realized we needed better equipment if the tapes were to be made available to the public so we bought a recording system that removed the noise made previously. It was also about 1995 when the base started adding guest speakers and organizing the sessions into a more a consistent format of topics to cover. We wouldn’t upgrade to a two mic system until late 1999 which was the peak of sound quality that we were finally able to achieve. In the beginning after Mark's first trip, it was tapes of just Omal, Korton, Kiri and Karra with myself asking questions in an almost classroom-like setting but it was the later sessions from 1995 on that set the standard for learning and fun. One skill Mark discovered early in the sessions was how to D-jump or in other words, choose the point to reenter the fourth dimension on his way back to his body so that even though he had spent sixteen hours on the base, only ninety minutes had passed down here. The drawback to these trips would be that he would be experiencing both existences until the left the base at the end of the sixteen hours.

   After 1995, the format we followed changed little except for which days of the week the sessions were held due to our work schedules altering for the ski season. In the later years from 1998, the location of the recordings changed as different channeling sessions were moved from our house to accommodate guests who could not make it up the mountain. The sound would be challenged by the mic placement during those location recordings and a good example of low sound levels is last month’s podcast, “The Two-Way Mirror of Happiness.” A normal channeling session though would happen in what Mark and myself called the “Magic Room”, really just a spare bedroom in the house where we were roommates. We used to have a futon enclosed within a six-foot pyramid made from copper poles we had constructed and in three of the four corners, lamps were diffused by tapestries hanging from the ceiling to keep the light at a level where Mark’s eyes would not be hurt when he returned from the base. Around the room would be several bean bags and chairs for guests to sit in that kept them within the field of the mic. On the walls would be racks of tapes from previous sessions, artwork and a few movie posters. The last items making up the channeling room was an elliptical workout machine mentioned about in several of the sessions and a water fountain heard in the background for the year or two we had it running.

   To begin, Mark would lie down on the futon and I would take my place by the tape deck waiting for him to leave his body which would take a minute or two. Once he arrived on the base he would make his way off to the apartment where his children with Kiri and Tia would be waiting for him to enjoy his family before sometimes heading off to his duty as one of the flight controllers at the spaceport. Back in the channeling room, whoever was ring mistress or ringmaster would begin the session while the speakers on the base listened prior to their turn. The setup on the base differed only in the location from where they were held. For the first years, they happened in special channeling rooms where sessions for groups from all over our world would be conducted and monitored. Later we had the privilege of holding the sessions from the backyard of Kiri, Mark and Tia’s apartment until a particular session where Omal was unable to attend and the girls had a party going in the background the whole time. We would get the privilege back months later but in both cases the arrangements would be similar, three monitors had been arranged in the room down here on earth so that on the base one would generate holograms of those of us in the room to the members on the base waiting to channel that we could not see in this dimension. As each person took over Mark’s body to talk, they could speak to the corresponding figures of who was doing the talking. Another monitor showed a view screen of the room and a third displayed the auras and internal scans of myself and the guests asking questions. Overseeing all of this would be one or two technicians who would be monitoring the connection of the hookup, Mark’s energy levels and doing research or errands when needed.

   Down here in the channeling room each of us would be an open book to whoever was answering our questions and they would use much of what was going through our minds to help them understand how to answer in the best way possible. It could be quite an experience to have your primary thoughts available to speed along the conversation as well as knowing each speaker on the base could see auras fluctuate. The result was a union of minds that gave the lessons staying power after hearing them and even now the flow we achieved is easily apparent in how the answers to our questions were answers from a group of individuals we knew were doing their utmost to assist in the growth of our consciousness and that of the planet. One gift they entrusted us with among the many was their unique perspective on time. We on the third and sixth dimensions think in a linear stream of one thing following the next but that isn’t the case in the higher dimensions above the sixth such as with Omal, Korton and Ashtar where they have the advantage of non-linear thought and in some cases hundreds of thousands of years of personally watching our planet develop. Once past the fourth dimension, time isn’t so hard and fast and much of what we learned during the channeling sessions still holds the ability it did back then to change a consciousness to a higher frequency with the experience of listening to them speak. Add to that the lust for life shown by all on the base and a knowledge found nowhere on Earth so that the end result is a set of channeling sessions which were incredible examples of love and light. Mark moved off the mountain in 2001 so the sessions came to an end but the understanding of all that was taught was just beginning. From Sedona when the first threads were set in place with my meeting of Omal and Korton to the tapestry they have become, the pattern they continue to form is a beautiful work of synchronicity perfect for this time and space.

In love and life as one.

Russ and Karra