Letter From The Editors
For June of 2019

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      The inner self, separate and apart from the physical self which reflects what the world sees. Such was the case until I met Karra and discovered a part of me living on another planet in a dimension I can only visit in astral form. The inner self became a shared space and it was outside of myself I went to for inspiration from that point on where she could express herself through me and I could be a complete person. In looking for a topic for this monthís editorial it was this symbiotic relationship which came to mind as well as the impermanence of the human body. Eighty plus years if I'm lucky is a paltry amount compared to the thousand that Karra may experience so Iíve been reevaluating the entire concept of the inner self. The physical body is really just a temporary vehicle to house a consciousness and the self inside may be better thought of as a controller who is on the outside looking in. Like the donning of a pair of VR goggles, waking up each morning to start the day could be considered a similar action where the immortal spirit takes over the operation of the physical body remotely. A theory like that requires some scientific and even some non-scientific evidence to support it and here is what weíve come up with so far.

    Science says we are billions of years old, or at least the physical body reading this is billions of years old. The reason is that is how old the matter is that makes up the atoms all gathered together to form the physical self. Anything that has ever existed in one form or another has been recycled into something else billions of times over. An example is the apple eaten at lunch could have been part of the lunch of a dinosaur or an acorn from the dark ages. Really itís not the body that is the person but the never-ending consciousness, spirit or soul borrowing the physical dust of creation to fulfill a purpose. The non-scientific evidence Iíve relied on are the archives comprising the channeling sessions with the members of Ashtar Command on the base. In one analogy, Omal considered how the human mind is so much like a self-learning computer with its hard drive, modem and operating system constantly updating with new input. In another session, we tossed around the analogy that we could be considered holograms with spirit and a sense of humor. From all of that Iíve taken more of a proprietary view of how to work with the vehicle Iíve been given. It opened up a whole range of speculation on how to better control the physical self by working with Karra and seeing where improvements could be made.

   First out of the gate is dreams. Having a twin soul, sleep is something I look forward to as we meet fairly frequently in scenes barely remembered but itís those that are remembered which could easily pass for real life. More than once it was agonizing to return to a world where we couldnít touch and the question of which was more real begged for an answer. Next is astral travel, similar in many ways but the separation is more controlled. So just how connected are we when we leave our body consciously or unconsciously? How real is our reality? Luckily, I donít lose any sleep over those questions. Now if we were to make of reality what we will, then changes to the atoms making up the human body would only need to be visualized. Again we fall back on science which confirms all the atoms making up the human body are connected electromagnetically as are the thoughts generated by the brain. Control of the brain means control of the atoms so positive thoughts have positive effects. Sometimes they need to be directed as in helping the body to heal or to split the astral form from the physical body. For example, if thoughts are able to influence the crystalline structures of water molecules as has been postulated and sixty percent of an average adult consists of water, it makes perfect sense to influence the water molecules in a positive way.

   One thing I have learned in my years working with the base members is that different dimensions have different densities and dimensions such as the one Ashtar has reached allows him to appear out of thin air on the base at will. Where then is the need for the physical body? It must be to experience the necessary lessons that lead us to the same dimension as Ashtar. With Karraís help, Iíve learned more about past lives than I thought possible which is really the clincher in how the connection between the physical body and consciousness are so in tune. Itís a team effort, all of the bodies such as the physical, astral, mental, all under the control of the higher self, the outer us. From a coordinated effort with each of those would emerge an improved version of the original. Health would be regulated by watching what was added to fuel the vehicle, healing thoughts would be directed at any issues that caused concern and positive thoughts would be the required oil to keep everything running smoothly. Not a challenge really making it happen but one thing should always be included as well, a bit of humor. Maybe in the form of a hula dancer on the dashboard?   

In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra