Letter From The Editors
For July of 2019

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   The date is 36,000 years ago and the place is Atlantis. Long past its prime and still a long way from its eventual end, more than one similarity is present now but one more than most, the photon cloud. Traveling along in the galaxy with us, our solar system passes through this field of charged particles every 36,000 years. The planet was fully engulfed in 2014 after passing through the wispy fringes back in 1996 during the August 2015 podcast that featured Omal explaining how he watched our planet previously passing through the cloud in the waning days of Atlantis. He saw how it contributed a polarizing effect on the inhabitants of the continent which made a bad situation worse. We know that schism widened leading to events that would eventually doom them due to a misuse of their technology. It's hard to ignore the similarities to then as left and right of the political spectrum seem to be on two sides of a widening canyon with no middle ground between. Racial division is on the increase and the United States is a microcosm for the rest of the world. This cycle of the cloud’s passage could bring along a time of peace and tranquility as people take advantage of the cloud’s effects to explore the possibilities or let the chasm get wider as the planet gets hotter. Hades Base, who monitored the final days of Atlantis, saw the decline in all its stages and we were provided during the channeling sessions with a handy guide to know if a similar fate awaits us or we turn things around in a green revolution.   

   Readers of the Hades Base News will have come across the term Defcon three. It relates to the levels of warning when threats to the society’s health are noted in the news to a degree that steps should be taken to ensure for survival should that health break down. The stability of the world to maintain its status quo is always at risk from factors which can include economic collapses, pandemics, natural disasters, and social unrest. The decade of the channeling sessions from 1992 to 2001 featured a series of threats to society and the base focused many segments of the sessions on survival preparations. It was pointed out that regardless of whether our survival was at stake in the near future or not, the preparations and the channeling time devoted to the subject would not be in vain. The water, preserved and canned food, generator and other steps recommended to be arranged ahead of time would come in handy with or without mass rioting in the streets. The objective of all this advice and monitoring was to ensure the information we had gathered from the channeling sessions would not be lost or that our health and welfare would not suffer as well. As history has shown, we went through the easiest of possible outcomes or Defcon three so it is time to reflect on the twenty years since the channeling sessions and summarize the various levels as we were given back then.

   Tia’s description of the levels at the time seemed extreme to where it was hard to imagine ever reaching the lowest level of Defcon three. Now we can imagine life as a species being threatened due to corporate and political priorities superseding those of the common man or woman. The first, Defcon three, would only be reached with a one day drop of a hundred-and-fifty-points in the stock market, three incidences of civil disobedience and a natural disaster like a hurricane, forest fire or torrential rain in a major food producing area. Defcon two is either a drop of five hundred points in one day or a continuous downward trend for a period of two weeks where it loses approximately up to eight hundred points with six locations of civil disobedience, not all the same time but again in the space of two weeks. There would also have to be two major incidents of environmental damage such as the flooding in the Midwest or the historic wildfires in California last year. Some major disaster exceeding eleven billion dollars would have to take place such as an earthquake in a densely populated area. Defcon one would include a drop of a thousand points over a week, six civil disobediences of massive proportions larger than the riots in Hong Kong and four natural disasters of considerable proportion over the period of two weeks exceeding again eleven billion dollars each.

   Now it’s possible none of the above scenarios will ever take place and we will continue to grow as a race to reach our full potential to become members of the galactic community. As we’ve learned about time, our planet is destroyed in some cataclysm or another on a daily basis in some reality other than the one we’re experiencing. That’s not our lesson obviously so there must be more for us to accomplish in this reality. In fact, if there is one motto I tend to repeat more than most it is, “I’m not dead yet”. Hopefully, not for many years to come but until then it’s always handy to be prepared for any changes that could happen with both the photon cloud and climate change. The first could create a further polarization between ideological parts of society with some seeing an increase in their psychic skills growing while others reject such concepts more than before. The second will affect all but place a heavier burden on those least able to deal with the effects of heat records that could possibly be broken daily. We face challenges to our advancement consciously that are not insurmountable, merely fears placed in the way that if risen above will not end in the same way as a continent long passed into history. 

In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra