Letter From The Editors
For January of 2020

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   While writing last month's editorial, Between A Rock and A High Place, Karra and I started a paragraph on ways to help in the ascension process and suddenly realized we had written out eleven different things as suggestions that would make it go quicker. That was more than enough for the basis of a new editorial if each of the suggestions came with a full explanation of why they could help. As Karra said in last month's channeling session, the path to ascension is far easier from the third to the next dimension than it is from their dimension to the one after that. Preparing for some of the new things to be found once ascended starts with our main suggestion of doing things for others without any thought of compensation. The reason for this is so that the newly ascended person can easily fit into an economy based around the help done for others as opposed to one based on money. Telepathy is also common on higher dimensions and requires an ability to often share mentally with others which can be a challenging lesson here where thoughts are assumed to be private. Even though it isn't practiced on this planet, the concept of sharing minds with another realizes the kind of trust in others needed to make that happen. If we had telepathy we would soon develop a sense of who to trust and how to read people in ways others may fail to notice so we'll go over it more detail later. Trust in the third dimension is central to many of the best life lessons that assist in the growth of consciousness but for now, we have to just learn to trust and read people without the benefit of sharing thoughts. That growth leads to a sense of when and where to help others so that what you do draws little if any attention. It could be a singular thing that takes up an entire life or lots of little things whenever life calls on you. All that matters is not asking for anything in return and being grateful if something is exchanged as another person's lesson in giving. That is just the first suggestion we present as an example of the ten more still left to be covered.

   Everything needed for our following incarnation to be on the next dimension is already available in abundance on this one which is what makes the third dimension such an excellent training ground. Our second suggestion is that because this training ground runs on money, money must be used as the tool that it is and not as a dominant force that controls the individual. A lot of this comes from trusting that what a person has is exactly what is needed for the lessons being experienced in the now. The third suggestion is that there are online resources to sites devoted to the channelings of higher dimensional beings. Besides the Hades Base News, a quick search will bring up any number of races and channelers that speak from one dimension to the next, sharing their wisdom with those on the third dimension with the goal of helping us to ascend to their level. Twenty years ago when we were posting the transcripts of the channeling sessions the technology was still in its infancy. Now it's almost a case of too much information for the individual to know which line of study will advance their current level of growth to the next level. For the searcher of wisdom from sources other than the third, it is a bonanza where the individual must trust in their guides to shine a light on those areas most beneficial with some further digging. From there, our fourth suggestion is to try exploring one's past lives through the help of someone trained in regression therapy or through personal meditation. Higher dimensional Sirians for example at the age of twenty-one begin to have access to their past lives to draw upon in their decision making. Much needs to be accepted about one's past, both the good and bad, so exploring what lives that can be experienced makes for excellent hands-on training ahead of time.

   Our fifth suggestion is to take up an interactive study of the five basic psychic skills: astral travel, manifestation, healing, PK and coercion. Going back again to our example of the Sirians, almost all have one or more of those skills naturally. The sharing of DNA between Sirians and ourselves during and after the times of Atlantis passed those same abilities to us in a latent form. Because of that, bringing them up to a more active role opens the consciousness to the power of the mind. Suggestion number six is that telepathy, while hard, is not an impossible skill that can be developed with a willing partner. Telepathy, as we mentioned, is very common in the next dimension and can be experienced on the third under the right conditions. Start with flashcards of simple objects and colors and go back and forth seeing how many can be exchanged correctly. Progressing up to short, single words or numbers that match would be the next step as well as expanding out to other partners. Suggestion number seven is forgiveness. Grudges can be like weights slowing down progress and forgiving people of past wrongs can be like releasing a balloon filled with air. Letting go of the string tying one to a past wrong allows the balloon to fly a little higher. The eighth suggestion is eliminating as many distractions from your goal as possible. Everyone has twin souls and everyone has guides. Hearing either is made harder when the attention is directed away from researching those subjects where you can make a connection. It's hard to ignore the challenges of a world plugged into itself but it's overcoming those very challenges that make the reward of taking some inner advice worth the time spent.

   Our ninth suggestion is a tricky one because it takes some extremely important training and the help of at least four other people training in the same subject as well. It's called meta-concert and it's the combining of energies of five or more people and using them to help others. We feature its use and training on our new Center for Ascension website though it comes with some karmic red flags of its misuse. Gathering a fully trained team able to share energy constructively would be early practice for a dimension where such sharing is a given. Number ten of our suggestions is to teach what has been learned. This goes along with the first suggestion of doing so without expecting anything in return. It is another area where your guides will offer their input on who and when to teach. It wouldn't be a stretch to know beforehand that whoever it is, they probably have a past life or three you both have shared and this is a re-connection planned in the waiting period. In addition, the web is an excellent forum to express that teaching if the mood strikes. Connections can be made across continents and words posted on the web may help others in their ascension process where a physical meeting would be impossible. Now more than ever it is a worldwide web that can bring souls together in a shared learning experience. Our final suggestion is to have fun with life. The next dimension is a joyful place focused on unconditional love for others. We've saved this one for last because the previous steps make it a far easier suggestion to make happen once they have been tried no matter the result. We're not saying going through all eleven suggestions will bring about a guaranteed ticket off the third dimension but it will bring about a better understanding of what will be experienced once that ticket is punched. It will also make a difference in the present by beginning the process of perceiving reality from a different perspective. We hope these suggestions are helpful in some small way and can be part of the larger whole it will take for ascension.              
In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra