Letter From Editors
For January of 2018

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There's Someone In My Head......

   Stop and listen sometime to the noises going on inside your head, the stream of random thoughts that finds you talking to yourself out loud even though there's no one else around. You know itís you, itís always been you since you know how you think yet why is it so many of the thoughts seem to predict what's about to happen seconds ahead of time or the great advice you've just given yourself seems to have developed a personality? The thoughts that make up the background flow of words, feelings, and emotions waiting to be expressed are an important part of an individual's identity but have you ever wondered what takes place in that wilderness of words unformed but are ready to be placed in a sentence? So have I and, as readers of this webpage know, having a conversation with my twin soul in my head comes with the territory which brought up the question of how does it work for everyone else in their minds? How do they go through each day sorting through the background sounds in their heads, what process does the mind use to filter the best information out of that chaos to express an idea, what out of all of that is valuable teaching and which are the random meanderings of daydreams? Well wisdom is always available from within and merely the knowledge that a thing exists is enough to begin a search for the source of that knowledge though in this case the source is us and yet at the same time it isnít. Also, meditation helps with the filtering part and a much quieter mind has the ability to sort through the jumble of thoughts taking place.

   As mentioned many times in these editorials, this is hardly the only life that can be experienced or has been experienced. No matter how many lives a person has lived there have always been souls traveling in the same group with one another. Sometimes as family members, sometimes as best friends or enemies, sometimes as soulmates and sometimes as all of the above. Add to this the possibility of twin souls, triple souls, and even quadruple souls and you have a number of beings that is staggering. Quite often that group of souls do not incarnate at the same time and not always on the same dimension. It is in that waiting period between lives when time is spent as a guide for other souls in the soul group and the training to be a guide happens during the many years of waiting for rebirth. But, before accepting responsibility as a guide, one has to come to an understanding first what is going on in the mind that is being guided. Rarely is it isnít only a single guide per person and more often than not, guides are working together to assist in a person's growth based on the extra knowledge gained during the waiting period. Having access to the Akashic records of a person helps with their guidance along a path but other sources of inspiration are available also. Twin souls, higher dimensional entities, and a person's superego can be valuable sources of information so it is a good way to use the internal filter to identify their voices of guidance over the other ones.

   Taking it to that next step requires having a calm mind sharp enough to notice all the little details around you from what the senses take in. At certain times of the day there will be a bit of foreknowledge about some of the most insignificant things happening that would usually be ignored. You will be thinking of a word and suddenly see it in an ad or make a decision based on a "coincidence" that turns out to be fortuitous. Those moments once noticed will be hard to ignore after that and it may become a game to see where the conversations in the brain lead. Now it is a matter of filtering those thoughts as unique from the others for the flavor that seems to accompany them and the focus meditation brings begins to open the mind up to those singular trains of thought that drown out any distractions interfering with personal growth. Changes are seen in small stages but it starts with dreams, dreams that have stories remembered upon waking as full and rich in depth as if they were real. Next come outward changes such as replies to questions that take longer because the thoughts being used to form an answer are being drawn from those higher sources or a moment longer is taken than normal to decide a direction. Several years of constant use will see other changes start to take place such as increased patience, more self-confidence, a trust in what life has to offer and a sense that you are no longer alone in a world of over seven billion people.

    The workings of the mind are not confined to this time and dimension and the guides working with us have our long history of lives to draw from with all of our possible futures mapped out based on our goals and ambitions. Once the advantages of those higher sources of advice are recognized the question will come, ďhow was it not noticed all this time?Ē Itís comfortable to think that every thought has been generated by years of personal experience and that guides advising us on how live our lives is the stuff of science fiction but what if there is an audience of souls who care about us and how our lives turn out? Using the advice available from that knowledge could be an invaluable edge to living when more right decisions are made than wrong, better phrasing is used to express ideas and first-time meetings with people go smoother than in the past. All this comes from the personal experience gained from years of watching what can happen when a person seeks the help being offered. Your primary voice of guidance is trying to cut through the clutter that makes up what we call our train of thoughts and it holds the best options possible to draw upon in these changing times. That is because the lessons a life requires are far easier when you have advice from someone with only your best interests in mind and is in your mind as well.

In love and life constantly as one,

Russ and Karra.