Letter From The Editors
For February of 2020

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   The third dimension needs a rearview mirror. As far as being able to look backward, the best we’re able to do is the memories gathered since birth and a few rare glimpses of the lives before that under the right circumstances. Life is so much easier to understand when the ones that came before are available to learn from like the search feature of a streaming service. We'll be on the next dimension for that to happen where the Akashic Records assist in the next phase of growth while we face solving the mystery of self-realization without such a resource. As someone who has guided many through the lives they have lived, I have seen the answers come out like magic to explain their possible fears in their present life as well as their friends and family sharing this life as they had so many others. A past death from drowning may create a traumatic experience that can transcend lives in the form of an unexplained fear as does a death caused by the falling from a great height. At the end of a regression, the person could often tell me the people in their lives now that connected in the same soul group then in one form or another. Often, they would be family but more often they would be close friends or a spouse. Always would come an understanding of how our memories are fragmented and finding some of the missing pieces helped those who were trying to complete their personal puzzle of unanswered questions. Now we hear in this month’s channeling session that Kiri has been to a counselor on the base for a more complete past life regression to experience her last third dimensional incarnation. This session gave me a whole new take on the reincarnation process and provided a few of the pieces I had been missing for a puzzle of my own that just seems to keep getting larger.

   Before Kiri gets into the details of her previous life, we reflect on a prior channeling session where we discovered Lyka was the incarnation of General George S. Patton. We were previously aware that this was Lyka’s first incarnation on a higher dimension and Karra had discussed in December's podcast how hard she was working to make sure she stayed ascended. Since then, Karra and I have been going over biographies and old clips of speeches Patton gave to compare what we know of the two lives. It’s fortunate there are a number of newsreels on his time as a general so the similarities are easy to pick out. First and foremost is Lyka's commitment to her oath as an Oath Keeper and that she has made captain at a young age due to her dedication to those under her command. She has described how she won’t eat until they eat or go to bed before they had gone to bed or even relieve herself until all had finished first. She is able to go out drinking with them in their off times and later ask them to possibly give up their lives on some third dimensional sister world of Sirius keeping the oath Sirius had made to that planet. We’ve heard from Lyka herself say that she has troubles with math similar to Patton when he was in school. As he did, Lyka will be traveling to various third dimensional battlefields from one conflict to the next until she completes her oath. She will be hopefully doing that over the next five hundred years with trips back to her dimension between battles or school as she would when the channeling sessions were being held. Karra has seen the movie "Patton" several times through my eyes and we’re reminded as we write this of the scene where he commands the driver of the jeep they were in to pull over by some ancient ruins even though the battle was still miles away. When informed of that fact by General Omar Bradley, he says, “it was here, the battlefield was here. The Carthaginians defending the city were attacked by three Roman Legions. The Carthaginians were proud and brave, but they couldn't hold. They were massacred. The Arab women stripped them of the tunics and swords and lances and the soldiers lay naked in the sun. Two-thousand years ago, I was here. You don't believe me, do you, Brad?” Karra and I believe him from that alone which showed how close he was to moving on to his next battles to win but this time as a higher dimensional, Sirian female.

   Back to Kiri and her past life. While not quite as famous as General Patton, we learn from her that prior to ascending she had lived as Hatshepsut, one of the few female pharaohs of ancient Egypt. She ruled fifteen hundred years before the birth of Jesus and was responsible for some of the incredible building projects still visited by tourists today. Hearing Kiri describe her life then takes us back to what it was like to live like a pharaoh with all the pressures of maintaining the representation of God incarnate. For her, it's a time of royal intrigue and responsibility, a woman in a man's role planning for a future long after her death. She relates in such detail you can almost see the painted columns, the oil lamps and a quick search of an online encyclopedia confirms many of the details she provides but without the first-person perspective. Those familiar with Kiri’s channelings may note some of the similarities between the two. One that jumps out right away is Kiri’s desire to accomplish the task at hand with a commitment that is very focused. Hatshepsut began her reign with a successful series of trade agreements that brought about peace and prosperity. The benefits from a mental skill in its latent form allowed her to construct monuments and temples to glorify the gods, her father, and her legacy. In Kiri’s channeling this month she admits there was some coercion that accompanied her rise to power though any karmic backlash would seem to be moot. Even with the slavery issue, the question was brought up as that life would have had a lot of exposure to the various forms of servitude prevalent during her time as a pharaoh. Her impressions are of someone who has seen the lives of slaves up close and can speak from experience of the conditions she witnessed and the personal exchanges of the ones who served. These events over three millennia ago are just one aspect of Kiri who would have had at least one prior life since moving on from the third dimension and while fun-loving, we know she is also extremely intelligent. We were honored that she choose to reflect on the life she had experienced and can only wonder about what a resource it would be if we had such a clear recollection of our lives from this planet's history.
   The examples above demonstrate how reincarnation is a growing process that is completely unpredictable as to how one moves on from one dimension to the next. Both of the past lives discussed involve people of power who caused the deaths of many of their fellow humans yet found what they needed for ascension. Kiri admits that she had learned most of the lessons needed to ascend prior to her life then but had some temptations to avoid if that was to happen. Obviously, a life of devotional meditation, helping others less fortunate and never harming another living being is only one path to moving up higher in dimensions, far more factors are involved than would be logically assumed. Karra put it this way while we were thinking of a proper analogy to express the lessons of both lives. Life’s passage is sometimes portrayed as traveling down the river of time in a boat being bashed around by the rocks fearing for our lives or conversely, finding pools of calmness where happiness and joy are the only emotions. Other times, life seems to drift monotonously by as interchangeable stretches of the river are hard to distinguish one section from the last. Death comes and it’s a new boat setting off to discover a new stretch of river with the same obstacles, monotony or joys. Instead, she sees it as that we are the rocks in the middle of the river being shaped by the passage of time with every second. Life after life we hold our place in the river as erosion removes the softer elements to achieve a more polished finish. When we feel we have reached a state where we can lift off of the riverbed we flow with the current until it merges with a bigger one. This new river is the next dimension and each new river is the dimension after that. Eventually, we’ll reach the sea where we are no longer rocks or even grains of sand but the sea itself, going solid only when needed to teach other rocks how they too can surrender their physical limitations to the all. Until then, the water flows and the polishing continues. There is no resisting the relentless river of time despite our best efforts and it’s only by going with the flow that speeds up the polishing. Rock on.            
In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra