Letter From Editors
For February of 2018

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   In computer gaming, an avatar is a pixelated representation of the player whose moves are determined by a joystick, mouse or game controller. In science fiction, an avatar is created by using the DNA of the native species and mixing it with human DNA to create remotely powered bodies so that one can interact with the natives as one of them. For the purposes of this editorial, avatars such as Sananda who we know in our history as Jesus Christ was one of a number of avatars that have helped guide humanity through its growing pains. Each of our lives is an extension of the one that came before and his was no exception except that he was coming into our world from a much higher dimension. To really explore the life of Jesus, we have look back at what we know and add to it two thousand years of changes to get the full effect of his time on this planet because it is as if he never left but continues to influence things on a daily basis. So going back nine months before the birth of Christ to when a zygote split, regardless of the circumstances that caused the zygote to split, our exploration of the life of Sananda in the third dimension begins.

   From the start, Jesus set himself apart from those around him by how the slippery hand of fate brought him through many a peril such as the infanticide by Herod which claimed so many other Jewish boys his age or the time while still a child he was called crazy during a conflict with the neighbors of his family and the lack of worth of a life meant he could have been relegated to the lowest class of existence possible. There was also the crucial time as the family caravan was a dayís journey from Jerusalem on their way home from the festivals that it was discovered Jesus was not with the caravan. Joseph and Mary traveled back to Jerusalem worried sick he was hurt or dead and it wasn't until three days after the festivals ended they found him in the temple learning from the teachers in the law. History tells us about the important points in the life of Jesus but leaves out the parts that made up his daily routine and there are a lot of questions to be answered. How was he treated by his parents due to the circumstances of his birth and did they reveal what the angel told Mary? What was the relationship like between his brothers and sisters and himself? What happened in the eighteen years before his ministry started? History also canít tell us what the world would be like if he had died at a young age or why he was the last avatar the world has seen that we know of. Possibly because while millions if not billions of people have died in the name of Jesus, how many more would have died without his place in history? His reducing of the Ten Commandments down to just a single commandment set the standard for compassion and love for one another that has had a trickle-down effect throughout the passage of time.

   So why did Sananda choose to take on a physical form even if it was but a blink of time in his long existence? Why does anyone agree to be born and go through however many years that life will last? In every case it is to continue a story. Sanandaís time as Jesus Christ was an important part of his story that for him happened in his yesterday but during that time was a crucial set of lessons and experiences that couldnít be avoided. He made the choice to be an example of a better way to live and those lessons he learned were no different from the ones we still learn today. The thing about lessons is that they are not something that happen once and are forgotten. Lessons are living things that influence a person throughout the rest of their incarnation and beyond. Every time a person reflects on a lesson he or she has learned, it again imparts what was learned and possibly expands on that lesson. As the lesson is repeated, it merges with other lessons of a similar nature and change takes place once enough lessons have been experienced or is possibly grasped after the first instance. It doesnít matter the dimension and it isnít exclusive to Earth, without the lessons there can be no growth. That brings up the question on if Jesus really was the last avatar or, was one of his purposes to show how it can be done, the pitfalls to avoid and the lessons available from following in his footsteps?

   After Sananda returned to the higher dimensions having achieved his purpose, it would seem there has been no need of avatars since then as the example he left demonstrated we can be our own avatars, our own teachers who can then go on and teach others. We know during his time in the wilderness Jesus faced many temptations yet we face even more than he did in the wilderness created by the Internet and social media. For the bulk of the world, the average day is taken up by work, school or survival with any free time left filled with choices of how best to spend that time. It is no different now than it was two thousand years ago in that it has always been a matter of choices made that make up a life, each life a new chapter completely dependent on the previous chapters whether known or not. Possibly in chapters to be written in some far off future may come one or more lives where you may live a life as an avatar to any one of an infinite number of worlds in its developing stages but our preparation for just such an eventuality begins with a single choice and then another and another and so on until that goal is reached. Between now and then though we have nothing but time, choices and over two thousand years of change to give us the freedom to make those choices without a fear of being crucified for making them.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra.