Letter From The Editors
For February Of 2014

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Think of the most famous person you know. Think back on the day of their birth, their hometown, the sayings they were most remembered for including some classic disputes that were documented. Where they went to school or come by the wisdom they displayed. Who were their biggest influences and what were their greatest accomplishments? How did they die and where are they buried?

Most of these people had no idea of who they were going to become or that their life would be scrutinized in every detail. Had they known, would they have lived a completely different life or just gone about as if it did not matter? Now look to your own life and how it's being lived as if there will be no circumstance for living it in any other way. But what if you did know that someday your timeline would be under a microscope and all your deeds the subject of several best sellers? Some people reading this know for sure this will be the case whether by birth or accomplishments. Most do not and, as was the case with Vincent Van Goghe, would not be recognized for his genius until many years after his death

Whether you are known for anything or nothing, it is a fun game to live as if your life will be as well researched as the person you have in mind. Consider the people you share your life with and reflect on your interactions with this new mindset. Would you act any differently or change the way you approach your next meeting? Would you alter the way you work at your job, study at school or decide on anything of any importance in the future? Could you do it free of the ego that the mind is prone to fall prey to without a firm grip on what makes a person humble or frustrated that what you envision is only a game of the imagination?

One way to play the game is to write your autobiography in your head as you go through each moment the way you would like it to be written. Consider in the third person what someone researching your life would note as your major life achievements before the events so when you read the story of your life in some future reincarnation, it will provide the inspiration found when looking back at those we look up to now. If nothing else, it will be a story you wouldn't mind reading several times over and probably will before moving on to your next life.

"Finished with writing the editorial, he sat back and thanked Karra for her help yet once again making the words dance as only she knows how."

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra.