Letter From The Editors
For December of 2019

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   Being human is hard, not hard as a rock but the constant life lessons of seeing people harm each other and the planet with no thought to the resulting karma that will eventually come due makes life challenging. A rock, on the other hand, is already hard, motionless defines it and change only happens when affected by an outside source. Or so I thought. Then I asked a seventh dimensional being the difference between his perception of reality in comparison to mine on the third. For him, he sees how everything is more aware including rocks. He is more in tune with the surrounding vibrations coming from his environment which gives him a feeling of familiarity with what he is experiencing. That got me thinking about how I could use that information to my benefit which I could then share with others. The key I picked up was the word vibrations. Science has confirmed that all things vibrate at the molecular level but at different rates which determines how dense they are. Rocks with their tightly packed molecules vary in density depending on the type. Quartz crystals are the exception to this rule due to their unique properties which makes them vibrate at an excessively high rate of speed. I still canít conceive of an aware rock and frankly, I would have trouble addressing a piece of granite with a straight face. I do believe though that if the planet is aware, then rocks would be more like its skin which works as a concept. When Omal said the trees were more aware to him that I could easily assimilate as I feel a deep kinship with redwoods and sequoias. We already know some plants have an awareness that is such where they have a better sense of their world around them being as they vibrate faster than both trees and rocks. With that in mind, letís look at the next level of awareness, animals.

   Now we come to the vibration of movement and the awareness of the other beings that inhabit our world. Animals interact with us as our highly misunderstood teachers though it isnít a role most would give them the credit they deserve. Animals have a survival instinct that takes them out of danger when it is sensed, a loyalty that is often unwavering, forgiveness for actions that hurt them emotionally or physically and an innate sense of direction that would rival a GPS system. The more intelligent an animal the more aware it is of its world and the humans it encounters. Letís take the two greatest teachers of man in the animal kingdom, cats and dogs. How we treat them is an indication of how we treat our fellow humans. Regardless of whether a person is a cat lover or a dog lover, the crucial lesson they teach is unconditional love. They can lift us out of our darkest depths or bring out a smile when that almost seems impossible. They donít judge us, argue or express how they feel in words but the nonverbal communication can be often understood better than full sentences. Then there is the bonding that teaches the meaning of commitment and relationships. Just because we canít understand what they are saying, we know through Tia that cats have their own individual names for themselves in a language just as complex as English. If we as a species are to evolve to our full potential, it will take a better understanding of the other species that make up the lifeforms of the planet. Animals can teach us a lot if we can reevaluate our relationship to them and give them their due. They are our equals in many ways and an acknowledgment of that is a humbling but necessary part of growth. Treating animals more like people and people less like animals would make the world a far better place for all.

   Compared to the other intergalactic races, we are young in our development and are playing catch-up so that we may eventually travel among them through the stars. We, like all the races who currently interact with our planet, have a past that is bloody and cruel yet we are also a race who has learned from that past to evolve as a civilized society. Speaking vibrationally, our history of conquering armies, mass murder and slavery has taught us the futility of barbarity and given us a chance to grow consciously. So what is the next step in our evolution? Sananda summarized it best in one of his times channeling to our group. He confirmed that the second coming of himself is not a reference to his return to our planet to save us but our taking up his example to be our own second coming as an enlightened humanity to save ourselves. Now the goal is ascension and while it is a personal goal for those who choose to pursue it, the efforts of those that do bring along the rest of society with them. From their actions, each kind word, every help for the helpless spreads like ripples in a pond after the passing of a stone through its surface. Drop one million rocks into that pond and a significant and noticeable change will take place. All that would one would have left are good deeds, kind words, and a changed world. On an individual level, the raising of the vibrational frequency of the physical body involves focusing less on the enticements of the world and focusing more on the mental advancements that can be attained through a study of the nonphysical aspects of reality. Astral travel, self-healing mentally, manifestation through imagination, etc., the list is endless but it all starts with directing the mind to a study without it being directed to the opposite by the many distractions readily available. From lives spent in caves to lives spent in condos, as our intelligence grows from a hands-on knowledge of almost everything on dozen different devices, so grows the number of opportunities to advance to the next dimension.

   Itís been said that darkness was created so that the light can be revealed. So it is that the light we are seeking dominates the higher dimensions and is growing brighter on the third. At the heart of every religion is that light passed down in various forms for us to learn from those spiritual masters who have taught its power. Those entities and prophets who taught that light while incarnate did so from the underlying theme to love one another and the more love that is experienced for the self and for others helps with each personís spiritual growth. That growth leads to ascension and a new set of lessons based on love. The higher dimensions are different levels of light as you go up in each and we know from Omal that in the next dimension the lessons focus on mental powers, psychic skills, full past-life recall, and telepathy. There are plenty of examples of planetary societies lifting each other up and not putting others down, working as one to help all including those on the third dimension and gaining the knowledge needed for their ascension. Going up in dimensions means eventually living beyond the physical and evolving into a body of light. At that point, the vibrational frequency is completely off the charts and the beings in these dimensions are truly the very essence of love. Even farther and the beings in these dimensions include Sananda and other light beings still helping those on every dimension below them. If we as third dimensional beings wish to join those who have already made the necessary changes to move up to their levels of consciousness we have to understand what is waiting for us. First, there is having full access to our past lives and all that entails. While everyone already has access to their past lives through meditation and regression therapy, we have to choose to take advantage of that training. Actions done in the past by us or to us while inhabiting other bodies can bring back long-forgotten traumas or self-judgment that we have to accept. Telepathy allows the exchange of thoughts and feelings but also requires trust taken to the next level. It means working together as a group to enhance the life experience for others with each person part of the dimensional unity. Ascension isnít the hardest thing to accomplish if the aspiration to achieve it is strong enough. It may take several lives but we are immortal beings, each with a purpose known or not. Here at least at the Hades Base News, the purpose has been, always is and always will be a place where the dimensions come together.
In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra