Letter From The Editors
For August of 2019

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   In the latest Harry Potter movie “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”, Gellert Grindelwald and the Auror Grimmson are standing in an ally, both agreeing that the mission Grindelwald was having Grimmson do was for the greater good. This channeling session being posted for the month of August recalls a similar chapter in the lives of some of us participating from Hades Base and down here where we all were together back in Atlantis in different bodies. In it, Omal brings up a time some fifty-thousand years ago when Atlantis was at its height and an experiment Karra and I were doing as geneticists widened a rift between Mark and myself. This session was one with some amazing revelations that require some explanation of the backstory for those hearing it for the first time. Kiri and Mark along with Karra and myself were all colonists from third dimensional Sirius hoping to achieve ascension on a new planet spread out over a promising continent but the effort was doomed from the start. The colonists brought conflict with them split down ideological lines that were kept in check until both sides could no longer maintain the peace. At a point before the major conflict, Karra and myself had been working with a team of geneticists looking to merge the DNA of the dominant humanoid life-form of the planet with the Sirian colonists in a lab somewhere in Africa. We were working towards an end result we felt was for the greater good and the answer to what that end result would have been is still an ongoing mystery we may never know. I did find a light at the end of the tunnel talking to Omal when at one point in our conversation he reminded me that universes split.

   Now the reason that is important is that there is no single reality. In fact, every reality that can happen does happen in some universe and we split off from the present reality into a new reality during key moments of our lives. When that split happens there are no outward changes noticeable except in some cases which answers many of the sticky questions life seems to have. The concept of parallel universes isn’t new nor is it fiction. It is the infinite possibilities that branch out from a single event for us to travel along a new learning path. Omal called the concept a headache giver and Karra agreed with him but during her time channeling, she provided the final clue that made it more understandable. I asked what the connection was between Sirius and our species and she said that Sirians are the root-stock of the human race. That’s always been my belief and I had held to that concept but a search on the web will offer dozens of other claims to the same thing from races spread across the galaxy. How can that be? Surely someone must be right until it hit me that maybe all of them are right. Seven point seven billion humans currently are experiencing cumulatively an infinite number of past lives and parallel universes together and creating a learning environment that needs special people to navigate such a sea of conflicting ideas and belief systems. They represent a formidable challenge to ascension but those relishing such a challenge are best suited to take advantage of the learning life offers in the form of those sticky questions mentioned earlier when changing universes.

   Take dreams. Those mystical worlds we wake to each morning as we futility attempt to return back to what had just been a very happy moment at the end of a very detailed adventure inseparable from the waking world. The logical explanation is that these are images seen in real life or in some form of media that our mind overlays its own interpretation courtesy of the subconscious. While making a great deal of sense, the worlds I’ve dreamed and interactions I’ve engaged in seem as if there is no transition from prior to sleeping to the end of the day in another world. Now it could be a case of an overactive imagination but an argument could also be made that those are real worlds being visited in our sleep in the form of parallel universes. How about déjà vu? Maybe that dream we just left is the exact same thing we experience for a few seconds years later leaving a lingering question of why? An even better example is the chapters of our lives. Everyone has distinct periods between one stage of life and another where environments have changed such as a new set of friends replacing previous ones, new locations having to be learned, love interests or family members changing, a new job comes along or the lack of one. Each of those could represent a split between one parallel universe and another with changes so small the split would be totally seamless. At the same time, an infinite number of universes would also be splitting off at the exact same moment with an infinite number of replicas of ourselves doing slightly different things forever. With an unknowable number of splits per life, the Akashic records are the only trail of our past experiences which follow us through to our present but it may not be the exact same records as everyone else’s version of reality. 
    So how can we use this to our advantage? It works through intention. To get to the desired parallel universe in order to reach a higher vibrational level you take the actions you feel will get you to that point where you can advance toward a goal for what is hoped is for the greater good. Picturing it as clearly as possible, the chosen reality sets the vibration in place and the intention on when you want it to happen will act as a magnet. Getting here wasn't an accident or a set of lucky circumstances, it was arrived at through conscious choices and decisions which has been the case throughout every incarnation. In each one, that isn’t strangers in the characters of history books and religious texts, that is us living and dying, killing and being killed, loving with everything we've got and going through abject loneliness. We've gone through many different bodies and even more time between lives without a body throughout the ages learning the value of a spiritual evolution. After centuries of valuable lessons, a desire to put that learning to action sets in and that is where we are now. With an inexhaustible wealth of information designed to raise the vibrational level of the conscious available online, it’s putting the time and effort to find something that syncs with your desired vibrational level which charts the course of your path. Think of all the times an item or experience came to you just as you had willed it into being. It could be you brought yourself to that exact universe you needed to be to have that lesson from whatever it was you desired. It’s possible you will see the changes in a new universe by recognizing the signs a new chapter has started from the description above. At the same time, it presents the thought-provoking concept that the universe you just split from may have been consumed in a nuclear winter that killed all life on the planet. Conversely, maybe the one you just left had a consciousness shift which lifted the whole planet up into a paradise of peace during what would have been your life. In the end, it will be what it will be and it will all be for the greater good one way or another.
In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra