Letter From The Editors
For April of 2018

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   For many years before during the channeling sessions I sometimes had a feeling a higher dimensional version of myself was already on the next dimension and so I felt a part of me was always in two places at once. Knowledge, like a wine, distills over time and as it ages refines itself into a more rational explanation that fits the facts. I could not be higher dimensional without reaching that dimension yet except on my short trips with my third dimensional astral body to visit my twin soul and best friend for more lives than I could count, Karra, who was actually the other self I was feeling. Thanks to her I have more of an understanding of where my younger self was going in asking the questions I did to the members Ashtar Command that my older and much wiser self better comprehends now. I know from those sessions that on the individual level there is no wrong path to ascension as ascension is the path, it is finding and following the guides you come across at keys points along the way which matter. In my case, I could say I went out searching for my guides but in another sense, it would be just as easy to say it was my guides who were searching for me. The answers they provided I felt weren't just for my benefit but for those others like myself reaching a key point in their lives as I was when these channeling sessions started.

   Let me make it clear right off that I love the third dimension. I love everyone in it, everything reality has blessed my life with, the awesomeness that physical existence brings and for anyone looking to move up dimensions, this is the place where crucial lessons are to be found in abundance. Every moment, person, decision, thought or word can bring about change on a global level or serenity in the contemplation of a single flower. Learning and teaching what has been taught provides purpose and elevates the group mind so that society is raised up in consciousness as one. What I am passing on is one more constantly updated handbook for ascension to go along with the many available on the web as dictated by those who are already ascended. It isnít something that is directions on how to ascend but what ascension can be like after it has been achieved. The lessons to be gained lie in the dichotomy of the two dimensions and it is merely the desire to change dimensions that maintains the inertia to stay the course through adversity. In the meantime, the fastest way to bridge the gap is to see it already bridged in your imagination. The creative potential of the mind is enhanced by the immersion into their world for up to ninety minutes per podcast each month and helps gives that bridge substance.

   For many years, NASA and SETI have spent millions of dollars in the search for extraterrestrial life beyond our planet through the use of satellites and radio dish antenna arrays scattered throughout the planet. Banks of computers analyze signals for the slightest differentiation between noises coming from space that would exhibit any kind of provable intelligence besides ours. Those vast sums of money are being spent on the basis that there may or may not be any life out there to be found, at least not yet. Beyond those two organizations are tens of thousands of amateur UFO hunters searching the skies for any craft to be seen or to research any crop circles that suddenly appear. They have much more of a belief in the ships they are searching for and can spend many hours and money looking for the truth they know is out there. Then you have the channelers, those who not only believe in extraterrestrial life but are able to let those same beings speak through them and give the knowledge directly to the persons asking questions about life beyond this planet. Their efforts are what could be called first contact that has no sign of stopping anytime soon as can be found with any search on the subject.

   The members of Ashtar Command on Hades Base fall into this last category and wanted at the time of the channelings to show our world that their lives are as much the same as any you could find down here with just the difference of a higher dimensional perspective they share to assist us in our learning. Their examples of what life can be like after reaching their level of understanding can serve as an inspiration to move on from trying to hear audio noises emanating from deep space or watching the skies for fuzzy images moving too fast to be seen clearly to a more direct interaction between worlds. From a personal reflection, my experience both during the sessions and now are of them as teachers who are more friends than instructors. We hear each month of the personal issues they experience, the challenges they face and how their stories are not so different from those that could be found in talking with friends down here on this planet. In fact this month we hear during the time where Bunny is channeling that from her access of her past lives she could recall several lives she shared with Karra and myself including one where she was the father of us both. That demonstrates a familiarity pretty hard to find on this planet but is surpassed by the fact that they do their best ensuring our ascension process is not interfered with by any other third dimensional races. Also, should our world ever be in danger of imminent destruction, Ashtar Command would attempt to save as many of those close to moving on to the next dimension as possible prior to the event. That is a friendship with us as a race impossible to find on this planet and one on a personal level I treasure deeply.

In love and light as one.

Russ and Karra