Conference Update


By Our Guest Speaker Daniel

Daniel; Greetings and felicitations and welcome. Greetings skip, greetings Russ. Let me start by saying that it is an honour and a pleasure to be able to communicate through the medium of the internet in relaying the information necessary for the spiritual growth and understanding for your planet. My participation in the past and the present is all calculated to be able to achieve a harmonic uplifting of the spiritual level to achieve an ascending advancement for all parties involved. Even though my part in this discussion is purely as an advisor and observer, it is necessary for me from time to time to intervene to be able to facilitate and expedite the dialogue necessary for the communication. In achieving the groundwork set up for these dialogues, we will be able to increase the vibrational frequency of all beings involved in these discussions. If I was to sit and just be an independent unbiased observer, then my time involved would expire before the necessary levels and achievements had been set forth. In intervening I look forward to putting back on course these talks that I would so dearly like to see happen in my period involved. However, if it not to happen in the time that I have chosen to be involved, I will leave behind the necessary groundwork and framework for it to continue. Questions.
Russ; In the groundwork that has been laid out, how much of it do have left to go?
Daniel; Quite a lot. This is just the beginning. The beginning starts with just a single breath, you inhale, it is started. Much has already been done, much more remains to be done. It is necessary for the host organisation that is hosting these upcoming discussions to lay out a framework which is appropriate for all parties if permissible.
R; There is a host?
Daniel; Yes there is, your planet is hosting this conference through itís medium of itís internet. Question.
R; Will at some point in the future will the various other planets involved in talks be able to participate also?
Daniel; That is the general idea that they will be involved from the get go. You see, the reason you were selected to be the host planet is due to the fact that most of the races of beings involved in these discussions are involved with your planet in one way or another. So therefore, it is the ideal meeting ground right in the middle of the involvement area. It would be no good hosting a debate or discussion on let us say, Sirius because that is away from the center of the problem. By addressing it at the center of the problem and having everyone aware of what is going on with all their monitoring equipment and all their technology, they can see what each party does and maybe facilitate and speed up the process. Instead of being as far away as possible in a sterile, neutral environment where it is not seen what is going on by one party whilst the other party is doing what it is doing whilst the discussions are going on. So it is important to host it at the source and location of the problem. You understand? Good. Question.
R; It has been theorised by our mass media and among some other groups that discussions between our planet and other races have been going on for years, how would these talks, were they to be true affect the discussions we are working on?
Daniel; Not at all, in fact they would augment them. I have to leave now, any more questions? OK then, thank you and good night to you.

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